Parent Learning Support

  • Fulton County Schools is dedicated to support our parents with step by step directions of tutorials of applications and platforms that students will engage with during Universal Remote learning.  We want to ensure families are equipped to support their students at home using the District’s preferred distance learning platform.  Microsoft Teams is a safe, free and easy-to-use virtual system that allows classes and groups to meet and work together online.  This past spring when we were in Remote learning many of our teachers used Teams to conduct live instruction.  As we are preparing to start in Universal Remote learning this fall, students will be asked to engage in live and recorded sessions at scheduled times utilizing Microsoft TeamsThe resources provided on this page are available in easy to follow documents and videos that provide steps to using applications and platforms that are designed specifically for parents to help ensure your student or students are set up for successful continuous learning. 

URL Parent Training Videos

  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams for Parents

    Teams Training
    English   |  Spanish   |  Korean   | Chinese



    Microsoft Teams Overview

    English   |  Spanish   |  Korean   |  Chinese



    Assignments and Calendars

    English   |  Spanish   |  Korean   |  Chinese

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