• What Do We Do?




    • Provides lessons on information and digital literacy skills to students and staff.
    • Constantly updates personal skills and knowledge in order to work effectively with teachers, administrators and other staff.

    Instructional Partner

    • Plans and co-teaches curriculum units with the classroom teacher.
    • Works with staff on ways to incorporate and/or provide resources (print, digital) linked to the curriculum for classroom use.

    Information Specialist

    • Serves as the school’s expert for locating, organizing, and evaluating resources available within and beyond the physical walls of the media center.

    Program Administrator

    • ​Creates  policies and programs for the media program that align to the school's overall vision, mission, and school improvement plan.
    • Manages all activities of the media program including budgets, collection development, equipment, promotional activities, and facilities.​

    Technology Leader

    • Supports the use of instructional technology to engage students and provide 24/7 access to digital information resources for the learning community .
    • Provides support in facilitating professional learning sessions with school staff to effectively integrate technology and establishes professional learning experiences for the school community to increase knowledge of technology resources and instructional activities
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