Please Note: The information on this page was originally posted for the 2020-21 school year and may not reflect the policies and procedures that will be in place for the 2021-22 school year. These pages remain active for reference and archive purposes. The 21-22 Back to School section is coming soon. Thank you.
  • Back to School: Universal Remote Learning

  • Welcome back for the 2020-2021 school year!

    We are excited to have our students learning again with their teachers!

    Managing COVID-19 creates a constantly changing environment for our school district, and our school leaders and teachers are working diligently to adjust with those changes. On this page we have gathered resources to help make the start of school successful for our students and their families. If you have any additional questions not addressed here, please contact your school. Please check back for updates and changes.



Phase In Target Dates:

  • First Day of School (Virtual) - August 17, 2020
  • Phase I - September 8, 2020
  • Phase III - September 21, 2020
  • Phase IV - October 5, 2020
  • Phase V (Face to Face) - October 14, 2020


Our Desire For Fulton Schools Is:

  • Moving Safely to Face-to-Face Instruction


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Following are commonly asked questions and answers about the start of the 2020-21 school year.


Starting the School Year in Universal Remote Learning Mode

  • What did the District learn from last spring's school closures?

  • How will Universal Remote Learning be different?

  • How is FCS preparing for the new school year?

Technology Devices for Learning

  • Which students will receive technology devices?

  • How will devices be distributed?

  • Can I purchase a device for my student?

Learning Bundles

  • What will preK, kindergarten and first grade students use for learning while the district is in Universal Remote Learning mode?

  • Where will I pick up my student's Learning Bundles?

School Day and School Week

  • What will a typical day look like during Universal Remote Learning?

  • How will virtual instruction be conducted?

  • What is the District doing to ensure students are engaged and actively participating?

  • How will attendance be taken?

Students with Special Programming Needs

  • How will students with disabilities be supported during Universal Remote Learning?

  • How will students with Limited English Proficiency receive instruction and/or support services?

  • How will the District offer enrichment activities to academically gifted students?

Social/Emotional and Student Health Supports

  • How will the District support students emotionally during Universal Remote Learning?

  • Where can I find info about Immunizations, Eye, Ear, Dental and BMI Screens?

Academic Help and Technical Support

  • How can students get help with their schoolwork?

  • Will academic support be offered to parents?

  • How can students and parents get technical support?

  • How should parents engage with their child's teachers or theschool?

Engaging with Teachers and School Staff

  • How should parents engage with their child's teachers or the school?

Grading and Assessment

  • What will grading practices be like under Universal Remote Learning?

  • Which assessments will be used to determine a student's progress?

  • Will the ACT, SAT or PSAT be available?

Student Meals

  • Will student meals be offered during Universal Remote Learning?

  • What is the cost for student meals?

  • When and where can meals be picked up?

  • Do I need to pre-order my student's meals?

  • Can eligible students receive free/reduced meals during Universal Remote Learning?

  • Are meals available for students with specific dietary needs?

Virtual Briefing Videos

Our Universal Remote Learning Virtual Briefing Videos will be posted here as they become available. Please check back often.


Welcome to My Classroom and Microsoft Teams!

Jordan Kohanim, Milton HS



The Magical Mr. Bussey

Thomas Bussey, Hapeville ES



This is NOT "One Size Fits All"

Allison Townsend, Barnwell ES



Ms. Rogers Virtual Classroom Tour

Tori Rogers, Love T. Nolan ES



Enter the Chamber of Inquiry

Kiana Pinckney, Palmetto ES



Both Ends of the Spectrum

Tim Reeder, Chattahoochee HS



I Will See My Students... EVERY DAY!

Elizabeth Lake, Northview HS



Wow! This Will Look Very Different.

North Springs HS Staff



Getting Comfy in the Reading Nook

Holley Hayes, Westlake HS



Pleased to Meet You... Virtually

Pam Whitlock, Chattahoochee HS



Tools in the Virtual Toolbox

Lindsey Walker, Esther Jackson ES