• What Do We Do?


    About the Media Center ("The Nest")

    The Nest has an open-door check-out policy in which students may visit to select new books anytime between 7:10 a.m. and 2:10 p.m. Students must check in with their homeroom teacher before coming in the morning and return to their classroom for morning announcements.

    Students are encouraged to explore the thousands of fiction and nonfiction print books offered in The Nest and make selections based on their personal interests.


    Print Book Checkout Limits:

    Kindergarten & 1st grade: 1 Book

    2nd - 5th grades: 2 Books

    In addition to print books, students may check out 2 eBooks at a time through MackinVIA.

    Parent/Guardian Checkout:

    Parents and guardians may check out up to 5 books for two weeks.
    Lost/Damaged Books:
    Students must pay the replacement cost for lost/damaged materials before resuming check out.