• Music Technology and Production is about learning to use the tools that mix, capture and create sound, then use that technology to manipulate, edit and produce a final product to achieve specific artistic and functional goals. Today's world of audio production is a wide-open field.  Students in our classes use the most current "in-the-box" DAW technology as well as other hardware and software that comes with the territory to mix, produce and record music.  You'll learn to edit raw audio files, mix simple and complex songs - and eventually manage full mixes from start to finish.  You'll get hands-on training with recording software and hardware, mix / mingle with top-shelf working audio engineers and producers, and develop skills necessary to create, mix and produce professional-quality audio.  This will be achieved by learning the tools of the trade in our state-of-the-art Music Technology classroom.  In addition, there will be opportunities during the year for your creativity to shine by producing remixes, re-creating covers, or even creating original work!



    Beginning Music Technology / Audio Production

    Intermediate Music Technology / Audio Production

    Beginning Piano (keyboard)

    Beginning Guitar