The Visual Arts department at Alpharetta High School offers a wide variety of options for our students to explore.

    The activities in the art classes are designed to develop skills of perception, problem solving, understanding, and sensitivity through a variety of experiences. The aim of the art curriculum is to give the students an understanding and appreciation for the endless and constant results of artistic efforts which surround us in our daily lives. The unique character of the art curriculum provides students with an opportunity to express and nurture their creative instincts.

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    Visual Composition I (Intro to Art) – an introductory class that allows students to explore many different media including drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry making, sculpture, and more. In Vis Comp I students will also learn art vocabulary, color theory, and techniques necessary to be successful in higher level visual arts classes.

    *This class is a pre-requisite to the upper level Visual Arts classes

    Drawing/Painting 1 & 2 – different drawing and painting techniques and media

    Ceramics 1 & 2 – work with clay through hand-building and wheel throwing

    Sculpture 1 & 2 – create 3-dimensionl sculptures and reliefs

    Jewelry – from beads to metal casting

    Fashion Design 1 & 2 – Learn to create wearable art and customize your wardrobe

    Digital Design Projects & Advanced Digital Design - learn illustration and photo manipulation using a software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator with Wacom Cintiqs and/or Macs

    Graphics 1 & 2 – Introduces creating graphic design as seen in posters, advertisements, logos, signs, and package or product designs using Adobe Illustrator

    Photography 1-4 – Photo 1 you will learn how light works on light sensitive paper and build your own camera; Photo 2 you will work with an SLR and continue working in the Darkroom with an introduction to Digital Photo


    AP Art & Design – work in Graphics, Photoshop, Photography, or whose painting/drawing style is design oriented

    AP Drawing – work expressively in drawing, painting, computer tablet and/or mixed media

    AP 3D – work in ceramics, sculpture, fashion design, and/or jewelry

    IB Visual Arts – for students in the Diploma Programme or students who are interested in exploring art in a more individualized process – if not in the DP, students need to have taken either Visual Comp 1 or AP Art History

    AP Art Historyno pre-requisite – students learn the history of art over time in cultures from around the world


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    National Art Honor Society: Instagram: @ahs_arts

    Digital Photography Club: Instagram: @ahs.photo.club