• Technology in the classroom and mobile devices enhance the learning experience, increase student engagement, and support learning beyond the school day. As a result, students are better able to master concepts and content – building a strong foundation in the early years and then producing graduates who are career and college ready. Our students expect technology to enable every part of their lives and future employers demand technical literacy.

    ​​Every aspect of the district is increasingly dependent on Information Technology, not only operations and student information systems, but now teaching and learning too. Lessons, assessments, assignments and progress feedback are all becoming digital. The infrastructure and network are the lifeline to information, communication, and our daily tasks. We must continually, monitor, maintain, and enhance our digital capabilities to keep pace with the demand and ensure the safety and security of sensitive information and our students. 

    using technology

Technology that Supports Instruction

    • Personalized Learning Devices
    • Virtual Learning Management Systems
    •  Digital Curriculum and Repository Systems
    • Interactive Classroom Technologies
    • Student Assessment Systems
    • CTAE Lab Refresh
    • Computer and Printer Refresh

Professional Learning

    • Internal and External Internet Websites
    • Professional Learning Services
    • Device Management Systems

Process Automation & Data Utilization

    • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems  
    • Business Automation Systems
    • Student Information Systems
    • Records Management Services
    •  Productivity Tools for Students and Staff

Information Security

    • Business Intelligence Systems
    • Enterprise Security Systems

Infrastructure & Support

    • Wireless Network Upgrades
    • Wide Area Network (WAN) Services
    • Unified Communication Systems  
    • Data Center Upgrades and Improvements
    • Disaster Recovery Services ​