COVID-19 Related Special Education Updates

  • In light of the Superintendent's announcement on Thursday, July 16, 2020, Services for Exceptional Children's is committed to providing you with updates regarding the instruction for students with disabilities in light of COVID-19 impacts.  Please continue to check our website for updates as they become available. 

    (All plans information that will be shared are based on current State, Local and CDC guidelines and are subject to change according to guidelines in place at the beginning of school).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please find below the frequently asked questions submitted by parents of students with disabilities regarding their students return to school in August.

General Questions

  • What is the difference between Individual Remote Learning and Universal Remote Learning?

  • How will teachers be able to have close proximity to students who need it, hand over hand assistance who need it, or any other scenario that could put a teacher and student at risk?

  • When will the clear masks be provided to ALL SEC staff?

  • Who will be using the plexiglass partitions mentioned?


  • If my child attends a school outside his/her home/zone school, will he/she be able to attend Individual Remote Learning and then return to his/her assigned school for face-to-face?

  • Can a student enroll in the IRL option and still take some classes face-to-face in his/her assigned school?

  • If my child is 18 years of age or older, can I opt to not enroll him/her and re-enroll him/her later when I feel comfortable?


  • Who will be assigned as my child's Case Manager if we opt into Individual Remote Learning?

  • If children receive services in a group setting, will these services continue to be delivered in a group model?

  • When will IEP meetings be held to amend IEPs for virtual school?


  • If a family chooses the remote option, will the student work with their home school SPED teacher and therapists they are used to, or will they be assigned to another set of virtual teachers and therapists?

  • Will students in IRL have the opportunity to socialize with the students in their home class so they can still feel connected to their friends?

  • Who will be on the IEP team for virtual learners?

  • Who do I contact to arrange an IEP meeting?


  • When will evaluations/reevaluations for special education resume?

IEP Services

  • How will social goals be addressed in the face-to-face option given social distancing guidelines?

  • How do we ensure FERPA and HIPPA for group sessions if parents have to assist their child in accessing the group session?

  • How will social goals be addressed in the IRL option?

  • If the District should have to go to Universal Remote Learning for all students, will goals/objectives be addressed?

  • If a family chooses the IRL option, will the student be able to access recovery options provide by the District?

  • How will the District determine which students should participate in recovery options provided by the District?

  • Is there more information available regarding the recovery options that will be provided for students with disabilities?

  • Can a student's IEP be amended to provide additional supports for social distancing?

  • Who decides if the IRL option is appropriate for a student, the parent or the IEP Team?

  • Will a family have to waive the student's right to FAPE if the team doesn't believe a remote option will work for the student?

  • How will IEP goals/objectives be progress monitored in the IRL option?

  • If a student being served in the face-to-face option tests positive for COVID-19 and has to stay home for 14 days, will they be provided virtual instruction?

  • How long does the school have to get an IEP meeting set up once school starts back if a parent request one to address gaps from the Spring?

  • Will my child be able to take math support classes in the virtual option?

IEP Speech/Related Services

  • Will my child be provided Speech, Occupational, and/or Physical Therapy services in the IRL option?

IEP Accommodations

  • Will IEP Accommodations be provided in the IRL option?

  • Will assistive technology devices be provided in the IRL option?

  • If we are unable to go to the school audiologist, will we be able to use personal/home hearing aids and will any provided equipment be compatible with those hearing devices?

Instruction - Interrelated Resource (IRR)

  • Will co-taught services be provided during the IRL option?

  • Will Interrelated Resource small group classes be offered during the IRL option?

  • If the District were to go to Universal Remote Learning, will we need to request a hard copy of work (learning packets)?

  • If the District were to go to Universal Remote Learning, what are the expectations for Interrelated Resource (IRR) special education teachers?

Instruction - Program Classes

  • How will CBI be impacted at high school?

  • Will students have virtual meetings with their DHH teachers to continue working on goals, per their IEP’s?

  • If my child is in a self-contained program class, what will IRL look like?

Instruction - Speech/Related Services

  • For remote learning, will speech language therapy students receive teletherapy one on one or will students be grouped for sessions?