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    The Personal Project is an individual project begun Fall of a student’s sophomore year (10th Grade).  It is a milestone for all 10th grade students, supports application to the IB Diploma programmeand meets the Magnet program’s capstone project requirement. 

    The Personal Project is an important part of the Middle Years Programme and a student’s first two years at Riverwood International Charter School. The Personal Project provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge of IB learners.  Students choose their own topic and to enjoy learning about it through research and product development.   

    The aims of the Personal Project are to: 

    • demonstrate the personal abilities and skills required to produce and present an extended piece of work 

    • engage in personal inquiry, action, and reflection on a specific, self- selected topic or issue 

    • focus on and demonstrate an understanding of Global Contexts and Approaches to Learning Skills 

    • reflect on learning and share knowledge, views, and opinions 

    The projects​ take various forms; examples include: 

    • Composing and playing a piece for guitar 

    • Mapping pollution

    • Creating a comic book 

    • Fundraising activity for the blind

    • Brochure on volunteer work  

    • Composing a work for a trio  

    • Essay on the history of opera 

    • Poetry and painting book 

    • Creating video games 

    • Making a Japanese kimono

    • Designing a home

    • An alternate design for a local park

    • Creating a photo essay

    • Making a film or designing a garden

    The personal project consists of three main components: a Process Journal, a Product, and a Final Report. 

    The assessment of the Personal Project is based on the Final Report, and successful completion of a Personal Project is required for magnet participation and is a condition for acceptance to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.    

    Additional resources for students can be found in a TEAMS channel through the English Department – 10th World Literature Courses. 

    2023-2024 MYP Personal Project

    Parent Resources

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    Student Support Sessions on Mondays

    Our 10th Grade World Lit teachers offer support sessions for students every Monday afternoon. 


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