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    *To send an anonymous "tip" to Fulton County Schools in regards to a variety of sensitive topics, please use the following QuickTip link:

    To support the mental health needs of our Roswell High School students, we are here to help in a variety of ways (and many more not listed!):

    1. Seek support from your School Counselor. The student can leave a pass to meet with their counselor or the parent/student can send an email regarding the struggles the student is having (mental health needs outside of school as well as stress in school) to communicate with their school counselor. It is especially important for the school counselor to know if your child is hospitalized due to mental health concerns so they can provide ongoing support while the student is at school. If there is an IMMEDIATE need during the school day, the student can always come directly to Student Services to meet with their counselor or any trained staff that is available right away (please express the urgency and that it is an emergency situation if the student is actively in crisis). Our door is always open. Click here for Student Services Contact Page. 
    2. Seek mental health referral resources from our School Social Worker. Mrs. Rogers has contacts for a number of therapists in our North Fulton area with a variety of specialties. She has lists of therapists sorted by insurance providers with feedback from other RHS families or professional colleagues with positive experiences. She also has resources for families without insurance. Reach out to your school counselor with the need for a list of providers or contact Mrs. Rogers directly. Please make sure to specify your insurance carrier if you would prefer a therapist that accepts your insurance.  Many private therapy providers will also schedule therapy appointments AT SCHOOL with the student during their lunch & study hall as a convenience.
    3. Triple P Parent Support if you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield of GA. BCBS offers an innovative parenting support program for families who have explored other traditional therapeutic supports for their child but need more intensive guidance. The Triple P Parent Support program provides case management services for 10 weekly in-home sessions (including helping families identify needs, develop treatment and crisis plans, build support networks, and coordinate services). Contact our school social worker for more information if you have BCBS insurance.
    4. Psychology Today This website has a searchable database of therapists sorted by zip code, insurance, and specialty. You can read through therapist profiles to get a good understanding of their therapy style and focus to see if they may be a good personality match for your child.
    5. Every fall semester Roswell High School participates in the Fulton County Schools “Signs of Suicide” programming. This is an opportunity to meet with ALL 9th-grade students to discuss what to do if they or someone they know are experiencing mental health concerns (ACT model: Acknowledge, Care Tell). All presentations are facilitated in a classroom setting by one of our school counselors and every student is given the opportunity to talk one-on-one with a trained staff member after the presentation if they have any questions/concerns that they would like to discuss.

    *This list is not exhaustive and Roswell High School does not exclusively endorse any of the therapeutic providers or information included in the attached articles. The included linked articles below are for educational purposes and do not take the place of clinical therapeutic care. Please use your discretion when seeking therapeutic support for your child.*

    Please see below for links to various helpful articles and resources regarding your child's mental health:

  • Valerie Rogers, M.S.W.

    School Social Worker

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