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    Letters of Recommendation from NON-ROSWELL Staff

    • Log in to Common App
    • Click My Colleges Tab
    • Click College Name
    • Click “Recommenders and FERPA”
    • Scroll down to “Teacher” section
    • Click “Teacher Evaluation” Link
    • Download, save, and forward Teacher Evaluation doc to teacher of choice
    • Provide Admissions mailing/deadline information for them to mail w/ accompanying documents directly to school


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  • Fulton County Schools is pleased to announce that we are now providing students, grades 9-12, access to Naviance, an online college and career readiness platform that helps students find their best-fit path after high school. Learn more here Fulton's Naviance Video . Want to spend some time exploring colleges and careers! Visit Naviance today! Please take some time to view the Naviance Student Overview & Activity Flyer

    Naviance will allow you to:

    • Explore interests & discover self
    • Learn more about careers
    • Research & prepare for applying to college & scholarships
    • Stay connected to your school’s Counseling Department




                  Important Information for Seniors:

    As you begin your senior year, we strongly encourage you to visit Naviance to research and plan for college, explore careers and to find scholarships. 

    After doing your research and compiling a list of colleges you are applying to in Naviance, you will need to become familiar with the different platforms colleges use to have students apply. These platforms include:


    Junior Meeting Tasks