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    Use Naviance with CommonApp

    (IMPORTANT: Create your Common App account but please do not invite any teacher or counselors to write letters of recommendation through Common App. Video directions are given with this link)

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    Register for College Visits

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    Add Colleges I'm Applying To

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     Use Naviance with non-Common App Schools (including Coalition)

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    Fill Out My Senior Information Profile (Video Tutorial)

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    Add & Track Teacher Recommendations

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    Letters of Recommendation from NON-ROSWELL Staff

    • Log in to Common App
    • Click My Colleges Tab
    • Click College Name
    • Click “Recommenders and FERPA”
    • Scroll down to “Teacher” section
    • Click “Teacher Evaluation” Link
    • Download, save, and forward Teacher Evaluation doc to teacher of choice
    • Provide Admissions mailing/deadline information for them to mail w/ accompanying documents directly to school


    Have My Counselor Send a Counselor Recommendation

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    Request a Transcript

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    Request my Midyear Report

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    Request my Final Transcript

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    Show Proof of College Acceptance

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    Show Proof of Scholarship Award

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    Search for Scholarships on Naviance

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  • Fulton County Schools is pleased to announce that we are now providing students, grades 9-12, access to Naviance, an online college and career readiness platform that helps students find their best-fit path after high school. Learn more here Fulton's Naviance Video . Want to spend some time exploring colleges and careers! Visit Naviance today! Please take some time to view the Naviance Student Overview & Activity Flyer

    Naviance will allow you to:

    • Order your high school transcripts
    • Explore interests & discover self
    • Learn more about careers
    • Research & prepare for applying to college & scholarships
    • Stay connected to your school’s Counseling Department




                  Important Information for Seniors:

    As you begin your senior year, we strongly encourage you to visit Naviance to research and plan for college, explore careers and to find scholarships. 

    For students planning to attend college, Naviance Student will also be used to request and process transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other college application documents. After doing your research and compiling a list of colleges you are applying to in Naviance, you will need to become familiar with the different platforms colleges use to have students apply. These platforms include:

    If you are using Common Application to apply to college, you will need to:

    1. Create your Common App account.
    2. Match your Common App account to Naviance. This can only be done on or after August 1st.
    3. Do not request counselor or teacher recommendations until after you match your accounts on or after August 1st. Requesting recommendations before August 1st will create issues with processing.

    Please watch the below videos in preparation for the college application process:

    For the Naviance Training Recording, Click here: 


    Junior Meeting Tasks