TAG Seminar Overview

  • Seminars are one of the avenues for receiving TAG credit at Alpharetta High School. TAG seminars present students the opportunity for academic enrichment and subject matter extensions through a variety of course offerings spanning all of the academic disciplines. Each TAG seminar is taught by a TAG teacher who has designed the seminar on a specific topic of interest to students which illustrates the instructor’s unique academic specialty. Seminars meet the equivalent of once a week for fourteen weeks and are completed during Anchor Time.

    Seminars are first available to TAG students that are not currently receiving any other gifted services and then are opened up to all TAG students (space allowing). The exception is the HIRE ME! seminar for which upperclassmen are given priority). During the second week of the semester, there will be a sign up for seminars on a first come first serve basis. A TAG menu presenting brief summaries of each seminar will be available for student perusal approximately one week before sign-up occur. Seminars are limited to 26 students, so if students are interested in a seminar, it is important that they arrive early on the signup date.

    To receive credit, students usually must miss no more than two classes and must complete a project by the date assigned, although requirements may vary from teacher to teacher. Students are responsible for obtaining and completing class work from their regular curriculum teachers. Grades are given on a credit/no credit basis; no letter grade is assigned, and participation in seminars in no way affects GPA.

    If a student needs but does not want to take a seminar, they may complete an independent project. Some are prepared or a student may design their own with the assistance of Frank Fortunato (fortunatof@fultonschools.org) if preferred.