• General Questions

    How do most 9th grade students receive TAG services?

    Most students take a gifted content class—either Honors Biology, Honors 9th Lit/Comp, Honors Accelerated Integrated Geometry, or AP government.  A student is guaranteed only ONE and only if they have been recommended by their middle school TAG teacher.  This limitation exists because all gifted classes are honors classes with high expectations and we want to make sure students are set up to succeed.  We also have a limited number of certified teachers to teach the TAG courses and are thus limited in our offerings.   


    If a student is not recommended or scheduled for a TAG content class, how does he or she receive TAG services?

    The most common option is to take a seminar.  In the seminar, students meet for 14 contact hours with a TAG teacher, exploring an area of concentration not typically available in or beyond the regular course offerings.  This is currently completed  through Anchor Time.  The student may not miss more than two contact hours and must complete a satisfactory final, culminating project in order to earn TAG participation. 


    My child doesn’t want to miss class and isn’t receiving TAG services; what can I do?

    Students can also take an independent project.  With the supervision of a teacher of the gifted, the student conducts in-depth research as an extension of a curriculum topic of their choice. The student meets with the gifted program teacher at least four times a semester. The transcript reflects credit/non-credit.


    Will colleges see a record of TAG participation on my son or daughter’s transcript?

    Yes.  On students’ schedules, it will list TAG Participation as a 7th or 8th period class.  As long as a student successfully completes one TAG service each semester, they will be a grade of CREDIT on their grade report and transcript.


    How do honors and gifted content courses differ?

    While in middle school, there is a difference between the advanced and gifted courses, at the high school level they virtually the same.  Honors courses feature advanced rigor and earn 7 extra points upon earning a passing grade each semester. Gifted content courses meet these same requirements; however, they are taught by a gifted certified teacher and feature an enrichment unit.


    My student is supposed to be in a gifted content course, but his or her schedule only says honors. Is this correct?

    Honors and gifted courses will have the same title.  For example, Gifted Honors Biology will only appear as Honors Biology.  The way you can tell it is gifted is to look at the course number.  For each course number there is a number like this:  23.0530010 or 23.2530010.  Both of these course numbers identify that these are AP Language and Composition courses.  The presence of the 2 after the decimal tells you that the course is a gifted content section, meeting gifted participation requirements.  So again, Honors Biology: 26.0120040; Gifted Honors Biology: 26.2120040.  If your student was recommended for a gifted content course and does not have any other gifted content courses in the schedule, please contact the counselor. 


    Do AP or IB courses count as TAG participation?

    Yes.  AP and IB courses count as a student’s TAG participation if they are taught by a gifted endorsed teacher.   


    My student is enrolled in TAG but his or her schedule doesn’t say TAG participation—what should I do?

    Please email the TAG program coordinator, Frank Fortunato (fortunatof@fultonschools.org).  He will look into the issue and contact you if he needs any information.


    Are gifted content courses offered 9th-12th grade?

    No.  Currently, we only offer Biology, Lit, and Geometry in 9th grade and Lit and Pre-calculus in 10th grade. Additionally, students can elect to take AP Government in 9th grade, AP World History in 10th, or other APs depending upon the student’s interests and abilities.   The availability of AP and IB courses in 11th and 12th grade renders continuation of gifted content courses impractical. 


    What are the benefits of continuation in the TAG program in high school?

    In the gifted content courses and seminars, the student will receive enrichment services from certified TAG teachers, who are trained to meet the needs of talented and gifted students.  

    In addition to offering enrichment for TAG students, eligible students can take a TAG Internship in 11th or 12th grade or a Directed Study in 10th-12th grades. 

    In an Internship, businesses provide students with the opportunities to work with professionals in a field he or she is considering as a career. The student leaves school for one or two periods a day. The transcript reflects a numeric grade.

    In a Directed Study, the student conducts extensive research in a particular academic are OR completes a course from the Fulton county curriculum not being offered a given semester OR completes an Advanced placement course (depending on teacher availability) or online course through Georgia Virtual School that does not fit the student’s schedule. It is a daily class and the transcript reflects a numeric grade. 


    Is participation mandatory?

    No.  If at any point you feel that your student’s needs would be better met by not participating in the TAG program, please contact the TAG Coordinator, Frank Fortunato (fortunatof@fultonschools.org), for program removal paperwork.  

    Screening and Eligibility Questions

    What if the student doesn’t meet the TAG participation requirements (i.e. earns a No Credit grade in TAG Participation)?

    If a student does not meet the requirements for one semester, they are put on probation and will receive a No Credit for their TAG participation. If they do not meet the requirements in the subsequent semester, they will be dismissed from the TAG program.  They will again receive a grade of No Credit and will have TAG participation removed from their schedule for the following semester.  

    If a student has been dismissed, can they ever re-enter?

    Yes.  Students may be considered for re-entry after two semesters.  Please contact the TAG Coordinator, Frank Fortunato (fortunatof@fultonschools.org), if you feel this applies.

    My child tested in previously but hasn’t participated in years.  Can he or she still participate?

    According to Georgia State law, once a student is found eligible for gifted services, they are always eligible for re-entry consideration.  Please contact the TAG Coordinator, Frank Fortunato (fortunatof@fultonschools.org), for information on potential re-enrollment.  

    My child was found eligible for TAG in another Georgia system school or county.  Is he or she eligible here?

    Yes.  According to Georgia BOE Rule 160-4-2-.38, any student eligible to receive services in a Georgia system school is eligible for gifted services at a Fulton County School.  Once AHS receives an eligibility report, an annual review form, or a report card with gifted courses and corresponding .2 course number, the student will be immediately enrolled in the gifted program.  

    My child was in a TAG program in another state.  Is he or she eligible here?

    Unfortunately, we do not have automatic reciprocity with any other states.  However, when all new students are enrolled, we have a procedure whereby we can screen for eligible students.  Information we can use include:

    • A nationally-normed Achievement test taken within the last two years (such as the ITBS, Standford, etc.)
    • A mental ability test score taken within the last two years (such as the OLSAT, WISC, CogAT, etc.)
    • Evidence that the student received gifted services at a public school in another state

    Students eligible for consideration will be handled as soon as possible.  Feel free to contact the TAG Coordinator, Frank Fortunato (fortunatof@fultonschools.org), if you believe these criteria apply to your child. 

    My student isn’t in the gifted program, but I believe he or she should be.  Is it too late?

    No.  We screen our entire student body twice a year to determine whether a student is eligible for TAG testing.  In the fall, we follow an automatic screening process. Information we look at include:

    • Qualifying nationally normed test scores 
    • Overall cumulative average of greater than or equal to 95 (out of 100)

    In the spring, we use a teacher referral process.  During a two week window, the entire AHS staff screens the entire AHS population.  They are trained to look for superior or exception ability(ies) in regards to the following characteristics:

    • Motivation
    • Interests
    • Communication Skills
    • Problem-Solving Ability
    • Memory
    • Inquiry
    • Insight
    • Reasoning
    • Creativity
    • Humor

    If a student receives feedback that they demonstrate superior or exceptional abilities in five or more of these areas, they are referred to the next step in the eligibility process.  

    If a student meets the initial screening requirements, the school’s Multiple Criteria Team meets to find supporting data to determine whether the student is eligible to test.  Specific information on what qualifies as “supporting data” may be found on the Fulton County Advanced Studies Department page.

    My child doesn’t meet the above screening requirements (or hasn’t been identified by them), but I believe the process isn’t seeing what I see.  Can I recommend my student for the gifted program?

    Unfortunately, Fulton County does not allow for parental referral.  Students must be identified by one of our automatic referral processes or by the teacher recommendation process.  The only exception is if an outside licensed psychologist administers a mental ability test and reports that the student has a 96th percentile composite score.  For more information on this process, please visit the Fulton County Advanced Studies Department’s page.

    Further Questions

    Please contact the Alpharetta High School TAG Coordinator, Frank Fortunato (fortunatof@fultonschools.org)