• 2024-25 AHS Parking Application 

    24-25 AHS Parking Winners

    • Green - Good to go for pick-up in August
    • Yellow - Resubmit with license and/or insurance when the application reopens May 1
    • Red - Resubmit with corrections when the application reopens May 1
    • Blue - based on permit-issue date, won't have a license by 8/2; may apply when you get your license


    Parking at Alpharetta High School is a privilege. Unfortunately, AHS does not have enough spaces to accommodate every student who is capable of parking. Because of this, only Seniors and IB Diploma studentswill be prioritized during the initial application process.  


    Parking spaces will be issued to qualified students on a year-long basis via a lottery system. THE PARKING FEE is $100 PER YEAR.It is expected that every student applying for a parking sticker reads and understands the parking regulations. It is the student’s responsibility to read these regulations, and all students will be held accountable for this information.   


    Students and/or legal guardians must provide all required information listed on the application below and upload those documents at the time of application to be eligible for the lottery. A legible photocopy of the student’s driver’s license and a copy of the valid insurance card for the registered vehicle must accompany all applications. Students applying for parking who currently hold an instructional permit must have a driver's license by 8/2/2024. Students with an instructional permit must complete the application by 1/31/2024 and will be able to submit their license before picking up a parking sticker in August. Parking stickers for approved students must be picked up by noon on the Friday before school starts - 8/2/2024. Parking stickers will be issued to only one vehicle and are not transferable.  


    IMPORTANT: Students with parking stickers who choose to park in visitors without permission OR another place on campus not assigned to them, will lose parking privileges for 10 days (without refund), must re-apply, and will be placed at the end of the waitlist.  


    The auction for the Foundation parking spots is a separate process that will begin in August and is facilitated by the AHS Foundation. Foundation spots are reserved 24/7 and you may be fined if you park there. DO NOT PARK THERE! 


    Important Dates:  

    • 2024-25 AHS Parking App (students must login with their FCSTU email to access the application)
    • The application deadline to guarantee a parking spot for the 2024-2025 school year was Wednesday, January 31st, at 11:59 pm. This information was extensively communicated through various channels, including student emails, ENN, morning messages, marquee, signage, social media, etc. The application reopened May 1, 2024, providing an opportunity for students who missed the initial application deadline to apply. However, students who apply when the application reopens will be notified on 8/2 if there are spots available.

    • Only fill out the parking application if you are attending Alpharetta High School for the 2024-2025 school year and are a rising junior (class of 2026) or senior (class of 2025)     
    • Parking sticker winners who applied by 1/31/2024 and the waiting list will be posted to the AHS parking website on Wednesday, 2/7/2024 by 4:00pm  
    • Students that win a parking spot will receive an email from Ms. Grantham the week of 7/22/2024 with instructions to pay + when and where to pick up their sticker  
    • Parking stickers NOT picked up by noon on Friday, 8/2 will go into a 2nd lottery for students on the waiting list