Magnet Program Information: International Studies/Prospective Student Information

  • Riverwood International Charter School



    Prospective students can qualify to attend Riverwood under the following guidelines:

    • Live with a parent or guardian within the Riverwood attendance zone (attendance zone map)
    • Be a Fulton County student from any attendance zone that is accepted into Magnet Program for International Studies 
  • Riverwood International Charter School

    International Studies Magnet Program Information

    Please read! Magnet Program Qualification are as follows:

    Applicant must be currently zoned to attend a Fulton County school or enrolled at Ridgeview Charter Middle School

    Applicant must satisfy the following:
    * Present at least an 80(B) in Language Arts, Social Studies, and World Language, based on first-semester 8th grade grades
    * Present at least an 80(B) in all other subjects, based on first-semester 8th-grade grades
    * Submit the online application for Riverwood

    * Submit all required supporting documentation including essay, transcript, test scores, and discipline record before January 15

    Magnet Program acceptance letters are to be mailed to prospective students mid-February


  • For Prospective Student/Parent Information Session Questions & Magnet Program Questions

    Contact Diane Kopkas: