Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

  • Dual Enrollment Overview

    Dual enrollment gives students the opportunity to meet high school graduation requirements while also earning college course credits.  Dual enrollment students take approved college courses through approved college institutions.  The cost of college tuition is covered by the dual enrollment program.  Students are, however, responsible for course-specific supplies (lab goggles, lab coat, etc), and fees that are incurred throughout enrollment (late registration fees, lab fees, etc).

  • Revised Eligibility Requirements

    Dual Enrollment is open to 11th - 12th graders enrolled in high school, who are accepted by a state public or private post-secondary institution. Some 10th graders may be eligible to take limited classes at technical institutions only.  Individual colleges may establish additional participation requirements, such as minimum GPA or test scores.

    For more information about state eligibility requirements: Dual Enrollment Eligibility



  • Roswell students can participate in Dual Enrollment courses in two ways:

    1. Full Time: Take all courses on the college campus/virtually through the college (12 - 15 college credit hours)
    2. Part Time: Take some courses at Roswell and some on a college campus/virtually through the college


  • Roswell's Application Process and Checklist

    The following steps MUST be completed to participate in the Dual Enrollment (DE) program.  Final acceptance is determined by the college.

    Step 1:  Attend the Dual Enrollment Q& A Sessions held on Tuesdays/Thursdays in the Student Services Conference Room.  Talk with parents and counselor about DUAL ENROLLMENT. Review eligibility requirements:

    Step 2:  Complete an admission application with the university of your choice by March 31st /Nov 1st.  Make sure you submit any additional documents required by the college (consent forms, immunization, etc.)

    Step 3: Send your test scores or sign up to take SAT, ACT, or ACCUPLACER. Be sure to have scores sent to your dual enrollment college.  You must take the SAT and/or ACT by April for Fall admission.

            To sign up for SAT:  www.collegeboard.com

            To sign up for ACT:  www.actstudent.org

            To sign up for Accuplacer: (for Gwinnett Tech)              https://www.registerblast.com/gtc

                **Accuplacer not needed for students having qualifying SAT/ACT scores**

    Step 4: Request an official transcript for GA schools on www.gafutures.org. Transcripts for Auburn First students will be sent by the counselor with the required verification form.

    Step 5: Complete this MS Form https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=mLHcDGmBcEu6n9p-O6cAwn1P3DTxS6JGmg-NypddycNUN0dLSExPQkZERVBTOU0wNjVFTkZEWFRRSS4u to receive your Fulton County Dual Enrollment Contract.

    Step 6: Student and parent will review, complete, and sign the Fulton County DE Contract.  Once completed, the student will make a counselor appointment to finalize the selected course information and to submit the Fulton County DE Contract to your Dual Enrollment TEAMS by March 31st.

    Step 7***:  Complete the Online Dual Enrollment Funding Application https://www.gafutures.org/hope-state-aid-programs/scholarships-grants/dual-enrollment/application-procedure-and-deadline/ . Be sure to select the correct college and to select Roswell High School as the High School.

    Step 8: Check emails frequently for communications from the college regarding application status, registration, orientation, and procedure to make advisement appointments to register for college courses.

    Step 9: After registering for your course, upload copy of your college dashboard showing your schedule to your Dual Enrollment TEAMS. The DE Coordinator will then approve your courses in GaFutures for funding and your Roswell schedule will be updated.

    If your college course schedule is not received by December 15th/August 1st, you will be scheduled for face-to-face classes at Roswell. Any changes to your schedule MUST FIRST BE APPROVED by your Roswell Counselor.

    Step 10: Enrolled students may have to repeat Steps 5 – 9 if course changes are made.

    * Any student wanting to apply for Dual Enrollment in the Spring or plan to add or change spring courses must do so by November 1st.

    *** Students applying for the Auburn First DE program do not have to complete Step 7.


    For printable copy of this checklist, please Click Here Roswell DE Checklist




  • Fulton County Schools Mandatory Deadlines

    Fulton County Schools has set consistent deadlines for all students who are applying to participate in the DE program. All Roswell High School students must adhere to these deadlines even though they may differ from the college deadlines.

    March 31st - Summer and Fall Deadline
    Students must complete the college application, send a transcript, watch the Dual Enrollment Webinar and complete the Dual Enrollment Intent MicroSoft Form, and complete the Fulton County Schools (FCS) Dual Enrollment contract by this date.

    November 1st - Spring Deadline
    For students who did not take Fall classes and would like to enroll in the spring semester, they must make sure the application to the college, transcript request, the Webinar and DE Intent Form, and the FCS DE Contract are completed no later than November 1st.  If they miss the deadline, they will not be able to take DE classes in the spring semester.