Update 4.20.20: Remote Learning Guidance and End-of-Semester

  • Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:


    I want to ensure that all have the opportunity to review Fulton County School’s Remote Learning Guidance dated 4/20/2020:


    End-of-Semester grades will reflect both a student’s mastery of content delivered before March 12 and engagement during Remote Learning. Engagement during remote learning is defined as “completing 70% of Remote Learning assignments.” Students who are not engaging in Remote Learning will receive an Incomplete in lieu of a second semester-grade. All high school students who receive an Incomplete in a course required for graduation will be expected to attend summer school to clear the incomplete. Seniors with plans of graduating on time should work to clear all incompletes by May 20, 2020. There is still ample time for students to engage in Remote Learning and complete the semester successfully.

    Please also be aware of the following timeline for the end-of-semester:

    • Last Instructional Day for SENIORS who have engaged in Remote Learning and are passing courses: May 1, 2020
    • For students in grades 9, 10, and 11 – New instruction ends on May 8, 2020
    • AP Exams: May 11 – 22, 2020 (see CollegeBoard for entire schedule)
    • NO Final Exams – Students may have opportunities to improve their course grade
      • Culminating project/activity as appropriate (Week of May 11, 2020)
      • Teachers will discuss in and implement as course-team PLCs
    • Week of May 18 – 22: Last chance improve-grade opportunities for students in jeopardy of failing or receiving an Incomplete for a course.

    Continue following social distancing guidelines and engaging in your studies; we look forward to returning to normal as soon as possible!

    Kimberly H. Premoli

Grading During Remote Learning

  • Update on grading before and during Remote Learning
    According to the recently published FCS Remote Learning Guidance dated April 2, 2020, End of semester grades will reflect both (a) student’s mastery of content delivered before March 12 and (b) engagement during Remote Learning.    

    What is happening now with my student’s grades?
    You and your student may currently observe alerts and changes in your students’ grade, as all teachers are working this week to include grades for 2nd semester work assigned and due from January 6 through March 12.   Parents will be notified by April 24 if a student is at risk of failure or has accumulated incompletes and deemed non-engaged.

    What about the grades for all of the Remote Learning Assignments?
    After April 20, teachers will begin entering/re-entering grades for class assignments that were due after March 12 (some of these may have been “backed-out” in order to establish the “baseline”).  Scores that negatively impact a student’s course average will not be included in any grade calculations. 

    Students who do not complete assignments will be given an “I” incomplete score indicating that they are not engaged in this remote learning activity.

    What should my student do at this time?
    All students should continue to engage in the Remote Learning process at this time.  If your student has not been engaged, now is the time to adjust habits to fully engage in the learning and complete assignments in a timely manner.

    Grades earned through engaging in remote learning can only help a student’s overall course average; however, if students are not engaging in remote learning, an “I” or “Incomplete” will be entered for assignments they do not complete.  For students earning multiple “Incomplete” grades during remote learning, summer school will be required in order to complete the course.


    Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time!

Spring Activities: Graduation - Update 4.17.20

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FCS Remote Learning Guidance

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