• Ms. Paulsen's Weight Training Students

    To access Microsoft Teams for this course, log in to ClassLink (formerly called Launchpad) as you normally do.  The names of students enrolled in the class have been uploaded and can be located there.


    Mr. Campbell's Art Classes

    Use the instructions and your class code below to log onto Microsoft Teams.  

    Go here: https://teams.microsoft.com/

    Login: Student #@fcstu.org

    Password: (Whatever your school password is)

    Click on "Join Team" (Top right)

    Input your team code:  

    The Course                         The Codes in Teams    

    Intro to Art                           xa1z2xc                

    Printmaking I                       1ja7msd                

    Printmaking II                      12c33cb                                               

    Ceramics I                            y88kpri                 

    Ceramics II                           ju9v64y

    Drawing and Painting I          j9l2d6e                 

    Drawing and Painting II        eq78omr              

    Sculpture I                           xr9po8s                

    Photo                                   x33z29o               



    Please call (404) 827-8581 between 8:00 am – 3:30 pm.

    Mr. Campbell