Scheduling FAQs & PE Exemptions


    FAQ Video

    Centennial High School students may qualify for PERSONAL FITNESS (35.0510009) exemption if one of the following criteria are met.

    Waiver Criteria

    These are included in the Intent to Waive Personal Fitness Document.

    The exemption of the Personal Fitness course is optional and remains at student/parent discretion. If you do not wish for your child to exempt the Personal Fitness course, no further action will be necessary. 

    If you/your student would like to exempt Personal Fitness, please complete the following e-form:


    This is the form for current 9th – 11th graders that have already completed the requirements to waive Personal Fitness : Personal Fitness Exemption

    (RISING 9TH GRADE STUDENT) This is the Intent to Waive Personal Fitness for 9th graders. They will still need to fulfill the requirements and then fill out a waiver in High School once it has been completed. Intent to Waive Form