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    Samuel Crawford Image Samuel Crawford is the Riverwood Band director. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama and has been the drum major of the Bluecoats (Canton, Ohio, DCI drum corps) for four years. He created his own business leadership training for band students (Silent Command).

    Contact Samuel Crawford
    470-254-1939​​​​​ (SamuelS41@fultonschools.org)

    Students may choose between several band options:​

              Mastery Band
              Advanced Band
              Intermediate Band
              Percussion Ensemble​

              The Raider Marching Band
              Jazz Band & Combo


    Course Information

    Mastery Band
    An ensemble of mastery musicians who have demonstrated the highest level of proficiency, this class deals with advanced technical and musical concepts. Participation in the GMEA District Band Festival, in addition to various performances, is required of all members.
    Requirements for membership: Audition Etude (see link below), 12 major scales, Sight Reading, and Enrollment in Mastery Band Class​

    Mastery Band Audition Etude Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tqt7i95r3qekjyc/AAAHfA1KBsHyP17p3rucIz_xa?dl=0

    Advanced Band
    An ensemble of advanced musicians who have demonstrated a high level of proficiency, this class deals with technical and musical concepts. Participation in the GMEA District Band Festival, in addition to various performances, is required of all members.
    Requirements for membership: Audition 8 Major Scales and Sight Reading, Enrollment in Advanced Band Class

    Intermediate Band

    This class provides students an opportunity to further develop the fundamental techniques of performance and rehearsal in preparation for local and regional performances. Participation in the GMEA District Band Festival is an essential component of Concert Band membership.
    Requirements for membership: Enrollment in Intermediate Band Class

    Advanced Jazz Lab (Jazz Band)
    This class provides students an opportunity to learn the fundamental techniques of jazz performance and improvisation for local and regional performances. ​
    Requirements for membership: Teacher Recommendation, Audition 8 Blues Scales and Improv, Enrollment in Advanced Jazz Lab Class​

    Co-curricular Bands:​

     The Raider Marching Band
    A performing ensemble open to all wind and percussion instrumental students on campus regardless of prior marching experience or ability. It is an incredible experience and a great way to meet new people. Students interested in marching band must be enrolled in a band class. Rehearsals begin during the summer with additional rehearsals required throughout the fall. Performances include, but are not limited to, football games, competitions, and community events. Summer Marching Band Camp is a requirement for participation in the marching band and color guard. Students must attend every camp day to be eligible to march.  For additional information, please contact the band director:  CrawfordS41@fultonschools.org
    Requirements for membership: Enrollment in a Band Class and Summer Camp attendance
    Dues: camp and uniform fees, approx. $300.00

    Jazz Combo

    The Jazz Ensembles are not a daily class, but meet regularly as an extra-curricular activity outside of school hours. Jazz Ensembles are for advanced performers who have an interest in jazz. Students must participate in a traditional music ensemble to be eligible for membership.

    Percussion Ensemble
    The Percussion Ensemble provides students an opportunity to learn the fundamental techniques of performance and rehearsal in preparation for local and regional performances.
    Requirements for membership: Enrollment in Percussion Class ​


    International ​Baccalaureate (IB) Options:

    IB Music SLG (Group Performance)

    Grade: 12 only
    Prerequisite: Enrollment in one of the school’s large ensembles and permission of the instructor (by audition)

    Students who choose the Group Performing component are expected to be active, participating members of a musical group that performs on a regular basis in public. A group may be composed entirely or partially by Diploma Program music students but is not limited to groups organized or offered in a school environment. A group could be as small as two people; however, the participating role of each performer must be of equal musical importance. A soloist being accompanied by another student does not constitute a group. Using the computer as a musical instrument (as defined in the solo performing option) is not permitted in the group performance option. Examples of musical groups (any size or style) include (but are not limited to): choir, orchestra, concert/wind band, rock/pop band and chamber group. For assessment purposes, the recordings must be of the same group in two or more public performances. The total performance time must be between 20-30 minutes.


    IB Music SLS (Solo Performance)
    Grade: 11-12
    Prerequisite: Instructor Recommendation (by audition)

    The student is required to submit a compact disc​ (CD) recording selected from pieces presented during one or more public performance(s). The total performance time is to be between 14 and 16 minutes in length. The purpose of recording performances is to allow students subsequently to select a number of contrasting pieces to represent their best work for internal assessment. In performing their pieces students may use: 1) any instrument and/or voice, or 2) the computer as a musical instrument. Students my not present a combination of 1 and 2.


    IB Music SLC (Creating) and HL
    Grade: 11-12 (HL 12 only)
    Prerequisite: Instructor Recommendation

    Students who chose the Creating component are to submit a “Reflective Statement” along with each presented piece. Each statement must be no more than 300 words. The statement must reflect the creative process over time. Each reflection must include documentation by the student of the following:

    • Intention – what was the intention behind the piece?

    • ​Process – what steps did the student take to achieve the final version of the piece?

      • How were the musical elements developed?

      • What musical successes and difficulties were encounter​ed?

      • What equipment was used (if any)? (In the case of music technology compositions students must refer to the name and source of all sampled and/or imported material.)

    • Outcome – what did the student learn musically during the creating of the piece?​