• Final Exams And Exemptions
    Final exams will be administered the last 3 days of each semester. Click here to view the Final Exam Schedule, as well as guidelines for missed exams and late check-in.  Students must submit a Google form application for each class they wish to request an exemption, based on the exemption incentive for his/her grade level. Students can view Final Exam Exemption Requirements and check Infinite Campus to make sure they are on track to meet these requirements for the class(es) in which they wish to request an exemption.

    1st Semester Final Exam Exemption Application Process

    • Students must meet all qualifications of the exemption policy at the time they make their exemption request.
        • Final Exam Exemption request window opens: 
    • Final Exam Exemption request window closes: 
    • Students who are approved/denied for final exam exemption are notified by the teacher (for the exam they have requested to exempt): 

    The Final Exam Exemption process consists of one step:

    Complete the appropriate grade-level Final Exam Exemption Request form that will be available beginning Monday, December 9th. Students will need to read the instructions carefully. Students eligible for multiple exemptions will complete a form for each final exam they are requesting to exempt. Students are expected to maintain their qualifications for exempting a final exam through the final exam period. If at any time a student no longer qualifies, he/she will be notified by their teacher or administrator and may not exempt the final exam(s). The final exam exemption requirements include the following qualifications:


Exam Qualifications