Opens Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM

  • Visitation Rules & Restrictions

    • Only water is allowed. Gum, food, and all other drinks are restricted. Must leave all other drinks by the entrance or store them with a tight seal in backpacks.
    • With a valid teacher pass, students may visit at any point within the first 45 minutes during a regular class period. No new visitors will be granted access during the last five minutes of any class periods. 
    • Visitor sign-in with student number, student full name, and reason of the visit are required upon entering.
    • During Chatt Time, students may visit up to 2 times a week after the announcement is over.
    • No passes are required in the morning and for students to visit the media center during their designated lunch periods.


    Use of Collaboration Rooms

    • All rooms are meant for productive group work and growth for academic success.
    • Students must be granted permission by the staff to use the rooms at any time on a first come first serve basis. All group members must be present when permission and access are given.
    • Teachers must reserve the rooms with the staff to guarantee access.
    • The 3 large breakout rooms are limited up to 6 people while the 2 small breakout rooms are limited up to 4 people.
    • The staff reserves all rights to remove any students from the rooms at any time upon their discretion.

    Circulation Policies

    Material                                            Time Period              Other Guidelines                       Fines                       
    Books/ebooks/audiobooks                   3 weeks                       3 books max                 10 cents/school day
    DVDs/Equipment/Tech Tools               Staff Only