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  • Recent events have caused a lot of uncertainty in our community.  Our students are used to the familiarity of school, parents work schedules, after school activities, and other routines. As these routines are altered, many students feel additional anxiety.   Please use these resources to aid your children with the information they need about the world at this time and some coping skills to help manage the uncertainty.  If you are in need of additional resources, please contact Erin Howell, your School Counselor, at

    If you would like Ms. Howell to check in with your child, please fill out this form:



Additional Counseling Resources

  • 10 Days of SEL (Social Emotional Learning) for Kindergarten – 2nd grade

     SEL at Home K-2


    30 SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Activities for 3rd – 5th grade

     Social Emotional Learning Activities


    Mojo’s In a Mood (

    How was Mojo feeling about the field trip? How do you know?

    Have you ever been in a bad mood? What happened?

    Let’s name some feelings words that can help us name our moods. Do they feel they all fit neatly into good or bad? Are there some words that are easier than others to sort?


    Mojo – A Bad Mood Storm  (

    What does it mean to be the pilot of your own emotions?

    What does the bus driver mean when he says “you could sit there and complain about the weather, but you have a choice”?

    Think about a time you were in a bad mood. What did you do to steer yourself up into sunnier skies or down deeper into the storm?


    Mojo – What Can You Control (

    How does Mojo check his attitude indicator?

    If you’re in a bad mood, how can you steer your plane into a good mood?

    You may not be able to control what happens to you, but what can you control?


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SEL County Resources

  • Fulton County Schools has provided excellent SEL (Social Emotional Learning) resources for your students to utilize from home. Below are lesson topics that can be found on the website by clicking here:



    Bullying and Cyberbullying

    Feelings – Inside & Out


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