Photo/AP Ar History YR2/AP2D/AP3D and Draw TeleSchool

  • Hello Everyone, Below are the different assignments per class. Some of you might not have your journals at home so if you want you can do the journals as a Word Document and find images and place them into the word document and type in your reflections/responses that will be fine. Save the Word Document as Your Name Journal 5 (or what number it is but don’t use the # symbol while naming your file or it won’t save correctly. You can then email me your assignments at All of the journal assignments are listed in Google Classroom. If you have not joined yet you might want to at this time. Wednesday is the day set for elective classes and I will be checking my email through out the day to answer any questions that you might have about the assignments.


    If you are able to contact to Google Classroom, please contact your teacher directly.