Communications Skills TeleSchool

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  • March 23 Lessons


    Before you go to iLit:

    Please go to Google Classroom to find Video Messages/Instruction!!!  

     Watch the video lesson before doing iLit assignments. 


    If you have any questions or problems: please 


    Directions for Teleschool 4-13-20:


    Step 1 Go to iLit (Remember to click the green Pearson icon in Classlink)


    Step 2 Go to iLit Library: Search for the book title “Hope

                                 Read “Hope” carefully! Use the translation tool!!!


    Step 3              Go to iLit Assignments.

    (1)Complete          Information Questions Using Present and Past Tense”activity

    (2) Complete         “Word Reading 5”(You have 2 weeks to complete this)


    Students go to Google Classroom each week for new assignments


    Assignment is found in:




    Communications Skills


    Google Classroom


    Comm Skills 3-23-20 I Past Tense


    Com Skills 3-23-20 II Sentence Parts