Social Emotional Learning Remote Learning

  • Remote Learning will both look and feel different for our students. Students may experience confusion and stress during this time due to a change in routine, angst about the Corona Virus, etc. In order to support our students, we developed Social and Emotional Learning lessons. These lessons were designed to be directly accessed for students K-12. Students are expected to complete one lesson per week during Remote Learning Additional content is also available in the Connect With Kids resource located on Launchpad and the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. 

    Elementary School 


    Reflection in Me Video  

    • Look in the mirror and list three things you love about yourself.   
    • Write down 3 specific compliments to give to yourself. Once complete, go to a mirror and read each compliment to yourself. (Remember to consider qualities you can’t see too).    

    Color Your World with Kindness  

    • Name something someone did for you that was kind. How did it make you feel?  
    • What is something kind you can do for someone at school?  What is something kind you can do for someone at home?   

    Personal Space Camp  

    • What does “personal space” mean?  
    • What should you do if another student comes into your personal space?  

    Inside Out:  Guessing the Feelings  

    • Watch the video and see if you can guess each of Riley’s feelings.    
    • After the video, draw a picture of the feelings that live inside your head and what you think each of them might look like.   

    Bullying and Cyberbullying: What’s the difference?  

    • What is the difference between being mean, and bullying?  
    • How is cyberbullying different than bullying?  
    • What will you do if you see cyberbullying? 

    Private and Personal Information  

    • Name two things you should not put on social media.  
    • What are some good things about using social media? 

    How to Manage Emotions

    • What does being happy mean to you?
    • What are some things that make you sad?
    • What are some things you can do to feel better when you are sad?
    • What can you do to feel better when you feel angry?

    Listen Better Lesson

    • What does it mean to listen to others?
    • What are some rewards of listening to others?
    • What are some consequences of not listening to others?


    • What does respect mean to you?
    • Name two ways to respect others.

    Anger Management

    • Why is it important to manage your anger?
    • What are some things you can do to feel better when you are angry?

    Know your emotions  

    • How many emotions can you name? Write them out in a list then check this chart to see ones you may have missed or learn about new ones. 
    • Make your own Emotion Intensity Chart. Think about what it would feel like to be at the top of your chart, the bottom of your chart, and in the middle. Who is one person you could talk to if you were feeling an uncomfortable emotion (like fear) at the top of your Emotion Intensity Chart? 

    Conflict Resolution 

    • Think of a time when you have had a conflict with a friend or family member. Were you able to come to a resolution such as a compromise? If so, how did you reach the agreement. If not, what is an example of a compromise that could have helped resolve the conflict? 
    • Identify a person in your life who can act as a mediator if you find yourself in a conflict you cannot resolve on your own.  

    Anger Management Skills 

    • Remembering the ‘ABCDE method’, what does each letter stand for (hint: coping skills)? 
    • Think about a time when you lost your temper (or became really angry). How could you have used the ‘ABCDE method’ from the video, to calm down and gain control over your anger? 
    • Who can you talk to about your anger and what makes you angry? And how can talking about your anger help you to control your anger? 

    Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions

    • What can you do to keep from ‘flipping your lid’?  
    • Can you name at least one trusted adult that you can talk to about what upsets you, so that you don’t ‘flip your lid’? How can this trusted adult help you keep from ‘flipping your lid’?  


    • What is your definition of self-control?
    • Name at least two games that you can play to gain self-control.

     Mindfulness with Mindful Ozzy

    • What does mindfulness mean to you?
    • What is the magic number that Ozzy wants you to count to when doing mindful breathing?

    Your Amazing Brain  

    • How can having a ‘calm brain’ help you? 
    • Name three things that you can do to ‘calm your brain’. 

    Positive Self-Talk 

    • Give an example of negative self-talk. 
    • Give an example of positive self-talk. 
    • How does positive self-talk help you when you are upset? 

    Social-Emotional Learning: Healthy Home Practices During COVID-19  

    • What do you like to do while at home? 
    • Is there anything that you would like to do while at home? What new thing would you like to learn? 
    • Create a schedule of daily activities for yourself or with your family to help stay organized and productive. 

    Friendship Soup Recipe 

    • What’s your “friendship soup recipe”? Write it down and share it with someone. 
    • Write about it: What is the most important ‘ingredient’ in your ‘friendship soup’? And why?

    Be Kind: A Children's Story About Things That Matter 

    • What does being kind mean to you? 
    • Did the meaning of being kind change after the reading of this book? 
    • Remember to spread kindness every day! A small act of kindness can make a big difference. 

    Color Your World With Kindness  

    • What do you think added the color to the world of others in this video? 
    • How have you been able to color the world of others in your life?
    • How does being kind help others? Identify at least one kind thing to do for another person each day. 


    Just for Fun:  

    1. Yoga Fun  
    2. Mindfulness  
    3. I am Human & I am Peace
    4. Free Mindfulness Lessons for Kids
    5. Comic Kids Yoga  
    6. 3 Minute Body Scan Meditation
    7. Bullying Video Game 
    8. Personal Space 
    9. Cats Talking
    10. Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!
    11. Nitro Type 
    12. QuaverSEL Song of the Month: You're A Star
    13. What I Am by Will I Am on Sesame Street
    14. Books about Trying Something New


    Middle School 


    Coping with Teenage Stress  

    • Name two things you can do to manage your stress.   
    • Decide how you will work at least one of these things into your schedule today.   
    • Think about how stress can be both a good and bad thing.  

    Self Soothe Box  

    • Make your own self soothe box by decorating a shoe box or other empty box. Place at least 5 self-soothing items in the box that include all 5 senses.   
    • Share your box with a member of your household.   
    • In 10 sentences or less, write how using your self-soothe box helped soothe you when you were upset.  

    The Science of Kindness   

    • How can doing an act of kindness help you, and not just the person you’re doing the act of kindness for?   
    • Do an act of kindness. Reflect on how it made you feel. Now think of another act of kindness you can do tomorrow. 

    Dealing with Digital Drama  

    • Write down three posts that you have made on social media that may have created digital drama.     
    • Re-write those three posts in a way that shows good digital citizenship.  

    Three Tips to Boost Confidence  

    • List 3 people in the world that you believe are confident.     
    • What three actions can you take to build your confidence.    
    • Name a failure that you had but were able to overcome and list how you overcame it.   

    Why we lose control of our emotions

    • What are some things that cause you to “flip your lid”?
    • Who are the trusted adults in your life that you can talk to if you feel your emotions are getting out of control?

    Conflict Resolution

    • Is conflict a part of relationships?
    • What are some ways to communicate conflict in a healthy manner?
    • What is the purpose of a mediator?

    What is Empathy

    • What does it mean to have empathy?
    • Have you ever felt left out or ignored? How did it make you feel?

    Think it or say it

    • Why is it important to keep some thoughts to ourselves?
    • What is an example of something you should think?
    • What is an example of something you can say?

    Seeing the other Point of View

    • Why is it important to see situations from someone else’s point of view?
    • Can you think of a time when you did or didn’t see someone’s point of view. How could things have been handled differently?

    How to Own Your Insecurities 

    • In the video, teens shared their insecurities with each other through online chats.  What makes it easier to share insecurities this way instead of face-to-face? 
    • What advice would you give to a friend who shares their insecurities with you?  Now tell yourself the same thing about your insecurities!  

    An Experiment in Gratitude 

    • Write a letter to a person who has greatly influenced your life.  
    • Call the person who you wrote about and read them your letter.  How did it make you feel afterwards?    

    In My Personal Space

    • In this video, they talked about how they knew their parents loved them but did not express it outwardly.  Is it difficult for you to express positive emotions? 
    • The speakers said their relationships deepened when they began showing outward affection to their family.  Name two things you can do to show affection and positive emotions to your family members? 

    Adjusting When Catastrophes Happen   

    • In this video, the speaker had invested her savings into something totally new.  Have you ever really believed you were meant to do something radically different? 
    • Later, we learn that the farmer’s crops were completely destroyed by flood just before her first harvest.   What was the one thing that survived and became her way to save the farm? 
    • When uncontrollable catastrophes have happened to you, how have you tapped into your creativity to make the best out of what was left?   

    Sense of Belonging: Dare to Be You 

    • What does having a “sense of belonging” mean to you?   
    • In the video, the student shared her challenges with feeling a sense of belonging and discussed how she overcame these challenges.  Has there ever been a time that you felt that you did not belong?  How were you able to connect with others?   
    • Name two ways that you can reach out to someone to help them to feel welcomed and included.   

    A Self Care Action Plan

    • Write out your own action plan using Steps 1-3.
    • What unique things bring you joy/comfort that you can include in your individual plan?   

    Keeping Your Creativity

    • During this time, it may be challenging to maintain your creativity.  How might practicing a creative activity such as music, writing, photography or art help to balance your daily schedule?      
    • Think of one creative activity that you can practice at home. Over the next week, practice your activity for 20 minutes each day and reflect on how you felt afterwards.  

    Peace through Kindness. Pass it On.

    • Think of a time when someone treated you with kindness. Write down how it made you feel.   
    • Now, think of an act of kindness that you can do for someone in your home.  After you have completed your act of kindness, write down how you felt.   How was receiving an act of kindness similar or different from demonstrating an act of kindness?  

    That Awkward Silence

    • Have you had a time when you had to break the “awkward silence” with a friend?
    • Write out some examples of how you can tell someone you are there for them or even worried about them.
    • Who would be a safe adult for you if you or your friend were needing more help with big feelings?

    Powerful True Story – Never Give Up 

    • What is the value in not giving up, even when the outcome is not exactly what you had hoped for?
    • It’s important to know who your “go-to” people are when you need support. Who are the people in your life that will help you in finishing strong?

    Famous Failures

    • Which person in the video did you identify most with and why?
    • Write about a time you experienced a failure butwere able to turn it into a success. 


    Just for Fun: 

    1. How to change the world with kindness  
    2. Be Kind to Others  
    3. Smiling Mind 
    4. Breathe to Relieve Stress
    5. Wake-up Fresh Start Fitness
    6. Songs of Comfort by Yo-Yo Ma
    7. Baby Elephant Chasing Birds
    8. California High School Choir Shares Song of Hope
    9. Some Good News
    10. Dancewalk! SoulPancake Street Team
    11. Good Things Happening
    12. Good News Network 
    13. Host a paper bag video chat party.  Everyone gets on video chat wearing a decorated paper bag.  Participants get 3 questions to figure out who everyone is. 


    High School   


    The Science of Kindness Video  

    • How can doing an act of kindness help you, and not just the person you’re doing the act of kindness for?   
    • Do an act of kindness. Reflect on how it made you feel. Now think of another act of kindness you can do tomorrow.  

    What Does It Mean To Be Yourself Video   

    • How do you see peers/celebrities portraying a false reality on social media?   
    • What are ways to remind yourself daily that you are enough (ex: writing positive characteristics on the mirror)?   

    Science Mapping Emotions in the Body Video  

    • Where do you feel anger, fear, and disgust in your body?    
    • Where do you feel happiness, pride, and surprise in your body?   

    Fight Flight Freeze – Anxiety Explained For Teens 

    • What is an amygdala and what does it do? 
    • What can cause you to feel anxiety? 

    Teen Voices: The Pressure to Stay Connected  

    • What are the most positive things you get out of having your phone?   
    • What things are you more aware of after watching this video that impact how long you watch things on your phone?    
    • Is there anything you would like to change about your phone usage?  

    Teen Voices: Who are you on Social Media? 

    • How do you curate your social media?  
    • Do you think what you post will impact your future?  

    Breathing Exercises to Manage Anxiety

    • What feelings are you having that may increase your anxiety
    • Think of a happy place while completing this video

     Effective Coping Skills to Reduce Stress

    • List your preferred coping skills
    • How often do you utilize coping skills these skills?
    • How can you implement these skills daily?

     Time Management

    • How would time management skills improve your daily schedule?
    • How do you plan to utilize this skill?

     Benefits of Social Connectedness

    • How does social relationships impact you
    • How do you feel when hanging out with those you love?

    Cyber Bullies  

    • Have you ever dealt with a cyber bully or have you ever engaged in this behavior?
    • Describe some of the feelings you encounter when someone does not have the same opinions as you?
    • How can you make your online social encounters safe?
    • What are some tips from this video you plan to utilize to keep yourself safe while surfing online?

    I’m so sick of being of being lonely!

    • Do you ever find yourself having feelings of loneliness?
    • How do you feel when none of your family or friends check in with you?
    • Have you ever struggled with yourself to seek support? If so, how did it feel? If not, how can you step out of your comfort zone to reach out to a friend for support?

    Social Distancing

    • Although this video is humorous, social distancing is no joke. Name one thing about social distancing that has been hard for you.
    • Name three ways you can connect with people other than physical closeness.

    Reactive vs Proactive Responses

    • What are the differences between proactive and reactive responses?
    • Think of a situation when you responded in a reactive way and then about a situation when you responded proactively. How did each one make you feel? Think about how a proactive approach may feel empowering and why.


    • Even though remote learning is new and difficult, think of at least one thing about it that you are thankful for.
    • What else are you grateful for today? Try saying thank you out loud for at least three things that you appreciate in your life and the world today. (Ex: “Thank you for the warm sunshine today.”)

    Time Management/Procrastination

    • If we are all procrastinators in one way or another, do you think that recognizing and understanding this fact about ourselves will help us move forward? Why?
    • What strategies and skills have you used to get started on projects, help you meet deadlines, and accomplish your long-term goals that don’t actually have deadlines?

    How to Calm Your Worries and Sleep Better

    • Name two strategies you can use when you are having a hard time falling asleep.  
    • Can you think of other situations (besides trying to fall asleep) when these same techniques might help you?

    Your Brain is Wired for Negative Thoughts. Here’s How to Change It.

    • Research shows that it takes practice to overcome negative thought bias. Name two things you can do to practice positive thinking. 
    • Now pick one of them to practice each day for at least a week and reflect on how it makes you feel.  

    Fight, Flight, Freeze

    • Sometimes we try to avoid things that trigger our anxiety. Can you think of a time you may have avoided something that made you feel anxious? What effect did it have on the outcome of the situation?
    • How is understanding why we experience anxiety an important step in trying to manage it? 

    Finish Strong

    • The pandemic cut our school year short, but there is still time to FINISH STRONG.  What are you doing to finish this school year strong? 
    • Do you have a goal unrelated to school and the pandemic that you are working towards? Think of ways you can continuously work on that goal, even if it gets interrupted.

    President Obama on Effort

    • Think of a conversation that you have had recently with your parents, grandparents or guardians about your attitude, effort or future.  
    • After listening to President Obama’s message, would you respond differently if you had that same conversation with your parents/guardians today?

    A Glass of Water: An Inspirational Story

    • How can you tell when your glass is too heavy? What do you notice about yourself?
    • What are some self-care strategies you can use when your glass feels too heavy?

    Simple Acts of Kindness

    • The man in the video did not get anything material in return for his good deeds. Were the emotions he felt as a result of doing these good deeds worth it and why?
    • Be creative. Think of some good deeds you can do even during social distancing. 


    Just For Fun:  

    1. An Experiment In Gratitude  
    2. Smiling Mind 
    3. Resilience  
    4. Science of Laughter
    5. Headspace Youtube Channel
    6. Mental Health Benefits of Getting Outside
    7. How Mindfulness Empowers Us
    8. Staying Connected
    9. Songs of Comfort- Yo-Yo Ma
    10. Different  
    11. STRONGER
    12. Power of Yet
    13. Good Things Happening 
    14. Good News Network
    15. Host a paper bag video chat party.  Everyone gets on video chat wearing a decorated paper bag.  Participants get 3 questions to figure out who everyone is.