• Interested in taking college courses while in high school at no cost to you? If so, Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Program allows students enrolled at a participating eligible public high school to receive funding for college courses. Through Dual Enrollment students can take college courses for credit towards both high school graduation and college!


    Unsupported image type.Dual Enrollment Participation & Eligibility

    Unsupported image type.  Enrolled in a Fulton County School high school, and has not received a high school diploma,

      Meets college admission’s requirements and has been accepted by an eligible postsecondary institution,

      Meets grade level eligibility requirements set forth by HB444:

      Has no more than two withdrawals from dual enrollment college courses.


    Steps to Taking College Courses in High School

      Attend your high school’s Dual Enrollment information night.

      Meet with high school counselor to discuss your interest in Dual Enrollment, next steps,

           and potential high school and college courses.

       Research eligible participating postsecondary institutions and apply to the college of choice.

      Register to take the SAT, ACT or Accuplacer and submit test scores (SAT/ACT/PSAT) to the college.

      Research approved courses in the Ga Futures Dual Enrollment Course Directory.

      Complete college application and local high school’s process by:


    Summer Participation Deadline: March 1

    Fall Participation Deadline: March 31

    Spring Participation Deadline: November 1


      Review, complete and submit the Fulton County Dual Enrollment Contract to high school counselor.

           (FCS Dual Enrollment Contracts provided by local high school counseling department.)

      Submit proof of college acceptance to high school counselor.

      Meet college’s deadline for registering for approved college courses.

      Check your college email frequently for college updates and notifications.

      Submit college schedule to high school counselor no later than Fulton County Schools first official day

           of Summer/Fall/Spring semesters.

    Unsupported image type.  Consult with and receive approval from high school counselor before dropping or changing any

           discussed or approved college courses.

      Ensure high school counselor receives college transcript with final grades.

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    Dual Enrollment Costs:

    Students Receiving State Funding for College Courses

      Complete the Dual Enrollment Funding Application.

      Parent or guardian must complete the Dual Enrollment Parent/Guardian Participation Agreement .


      Eligible students can receive state funding for up to 30-credit hours. Students taking courses over

           the funded 30 credit hours will be required to self-pay.


    Students Self-Paying for College Courses

      Before registering for college courses students must complete and submit the Self-Pay Course Approval Form

           to the attending college (if applicable) before paying for any college courses, textbooks and fees.


    Fulton County Schools DE Deadlines & Reminders

    Students are strongly encouraged to meet all district, high school, and college deadlines. Failure to do so will

    result in not being allowed to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program.


    Dual Enrollment Resources

    GA Futures: Dual Enrollment Overview

    Georgia Department of Education

    Board Rule for Dual Enrollment

    Participating Schools

    Funding College Courses

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Technical College System of Georgia

    University System of Georgia (USG)

    DE Option B(SB2)

    Application Tutorial Video