Early Learning Initiatives Overview

  • The Early Childhood Department is dedicated to supporting all children as they prepare to enroll in school.  Our goal is to raise awareness and collaborate with parents, guardians, caregivers, and other early learning program providers, so that children will be prepared to begin school.

    School readiness includes the following domains:

    • Approaches to Learning (initiative, attentiveness, persistence, and play)
    • Cognition and general knowledge (including mathematics and problem-solving)
    • Language and literacy development (language understanding and use, emergent literacy, early writing)
    • Physical Development (physical health, well-being, and motor skills)
    • Social-emotional development (self-regulation and relationships with peers and adults)


    The Early Childhood Department has developed the Parent Resources and Engagement Program (P.R.E.P.). Monthly sessions are held throughout the district focusing on different aspects of school readiness. These hour long sessions provide the opportunity for parents, guardians, and caregivers to participate in activities focused on gaining a deeper understanding of developmentally appropriate activities related to school readiness and aspects of young children's growth and learning. A typical P.R.E.P. workshop inclue:

    • Focuses on one school readiness standard
    • Includes background information related to the standard
    • Provides participants with easy to implement strategies to develop the skills at home
    • Develops a home library by providing picture books related to the content and strategies
    • Engages parents, guardians, and caregivers in conversation, collaboration, and content exploration
    • Offers resources

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