• Spanish for Native Speakers (SNS)

    Designed for heritage learners of Spanish, Spanish for Native Speakers I through III can accommodate students from a wide range of backgrounds, from those who are minimally functional (can comprehend Spanish but are not able to speak fluently, read or write) to those who are more proficient and/or literate in Spanish. 

    These courses focus on the development of communicative competence in reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing, as well as on understanding Hispanic cultures and issues of identity of heritage speakers of Spanish in the United States. Students will also develop an awareness and understanding of Hispanic cultures, including language variation, customs, geography, history, and current events.

    During these courses, students will gain confidence using Spanish to express their own thoughts on social and academic themes, interact with other speakers of the language, understand oral and written messages, make oral and written presentations, reflect on language variation, and critically view and evaluate media resources and web sites. Students will be able to understand material presented on a variety of topics related to contemporary events and issues in Hispanic communities.

    Successful completion of SNS1 through SNS3 will complete the three-credit graduation requirement in the area of CTAE/Modern Language/Latin/Fine Arts. 

    Workplace Spanish for Medical Interpreting

    This is a post-AP Spanish course for students who have demonstrated, whether through heritage learning or completion of AP Spanish, advanced proficiency levels of listening, speaking, reading and writing Spanish.  The course consists of year-long instruction in the medical interpreting field.

    Students learn about Medical Ethics, Advanced Medical Terminology, and Consecutive, Simultaneous and Sight Interpreting.  Successful completion of the course may lead to certification as an interpreter in a variety of community and/or professional fields.  Workplace Spanish is the culminating course of a pathway to a career upon high school graduation if students are successful in all components. Our innovative curriculum is one that goes beyond the classroom to include extensive and authentic experiences within the medical interpreting community, both in the classroom and the workplace.  Fulton County Schools is the only K-12 public school system in the United States whose curriculum is approved by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters to fulfill the 40-hour training course requirement for certification.

    Workplace Spanish is currently offered at Centennial High School. 

    Credit in Lieu of Enrollment

    The Georgia Department of Education provides an opportunity for an exemption from the high school graduation requirements in a World Language for students whose native language is not English. Fulton County Schools will require formal examination of language proficiency in order to exercise the credit in lieu of enrollment option.  Students born outside of the United States may make a request of their school counselor for credit in lieu of enrollment for native language, and may earn up to two high school credits, depending on the results of the examination.  The school counselor will provide the student/parent with Native Language Credit In lieu of Enrollment FAQ for Parents and Parent Request for Native Languages Credit In lieu of Enrollment forms and advise student of testing opportunities.