Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Terminology


A nationally-recognized, standardized assessment taken by students as a precursor to college/university admission. Formerly an acronym for American College Testing.


Advanced Placement. AP courses provide high school students a college-level academic experience. The College Board partners with colleges and universities to develop an appropriately challenging curriculum, to create college-level assessments, and to train teachers to deliver instruction that meets college-level standards.


Accelerated Reader. The Accelerated Reader program is designed to increase independent reading of participants. The program provides computer comprehension tests for a variety of reading material at many different levels.


Advancement Via Individual Determination. A college readiness system for elementary through higher education designed to increase school-wide learning and performance.


Adequate Yearly Progress is one of the cornerstones of the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. It is a measure of year-to-year student achievement on statewide assessments.


Board of Education. A body of elected officials responsible for education policy and accountability.


College and Career Ready Performance Index. The new Georgia Department of Education accountability system that replaces the federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) measure. CCRPI goes beyond a single set of test results, rating schools for student achievement, academic progress over time and for closing the achievement gap for specific student groups.


Commercial Driver's License.


Criterion Referenced Competency Test. The CRCT , given each year to students in grades 1 through 5, is designed to measure how well students acquire the skills and knowledge described in the Georgia Performance Standards. The assessments yield information on academic achievement at the student, class, school, system, and state levels. This information is used to diagnose individual student strengths and weaknesses as related to the instruction of the Georgia Performance Standards, and to


Curriculum Support Teacher. This staff member assists and supports all staff in the implementation of the curriculum. The CST also strives to ensure proper student placement. The CST serves as an active member of the Student Support Team, administrative team and leadership team.


Career, Technology and Agricultural Education. CTAE offers middle and high school students opportunities to explore career pathways.


Department of Education.


Fulton County Schools.


Georgia Department of Education.


Georgia Department of Transportation.


Georgia High School Graduation Test.


Georgia High School Writing Assessment.