In order to preserve the instructional environment, CMS has adopted a school-wide “no cell phone” policy for our classrooms, cafeteria, and common areas. Our students have FCS-issued devices for technology purposes and for any student that does not elect to have an issued device, teachers have extra classroom devices for their use. We believe that keeping our classrooms free of cell phones reduces the distraction that cell phones can and do cause for many students. Additionally, it reduces the temptation and access for students to utilize social media platforms, such as Instragram and Snapchat, during the day. We will stress to students that they should NOT give their locker combination to any other student. Many of us, as parents, text our students during the day. Students will be able to check their phones during their locker breaks. Additionally, any parent can call the CMS front office if there is an urgent issue or message that we need to communicate to a student. There is a hierarchy of teacher/administrator response to nonadherence of the below expectations, which will be discussed with students during the first week of school.

    -          By first period, all cell phones should be in lockers unless a classroom or grade level has received administrator approval for their use

    -          Phones can be checked during locker breaks but not removed from locker

  • Does CMS have a student dress code?

    Each school has the autonomy to determine what is appropriate to wear to school. The dress code at CMS can be found on our website and is listed below. We also discuss the dress code on our student news program and in our grade level student assemblies. When a teacher has a question about a clothing item, the grade level administrator is alerted. Teachers do and should err on the side of caution when they have a question. Teachers do not make the determination of appropriateness; the grade level administrator determines the appropriateness of the clothing. Just because a student wore an inappropriate clothing item before and wasn’t addressed, doesn’t mean that it is appropriate to wear. If it is determined that clothing needs to be changed, the student can call for a change of clothes. If clothes cannot be brought to the school, CMS T-shirts and shorts will be provided to the student. Consistent dress that is in violation of the dress code will be viewed as insubordination resulting in consequences.

    The below expectations are for ALL CMS students and will be held tight by staff and administrators. Administration will make the final determination of compliance. The decision of the administrator is final.



    • T shirts must not contain any suggestive wording, profanity, violence or advertisements of illegal substances or bar establishments
    • Must cover undergarments including sports bras and bralettes.
    • Spaghetti straps are not permitted
    • May not be longer than shorts or skirts
    • Midriff/crop top shirts are not permitted


    • Pants, shorts, and skirts must be worn at the waist so that undergarments are not visible
    • Jeans may have holes and/or rips — but may not expose undergarments


    • Hats, curlers, hair picks, bandannas, sweat bands, hoods on head, and sunglasses may not be worn during school hours
    • Dresses/Skirts must be mid-thigh in length
    • Slippers are not permitted-all shoes must have hard soles