• Principal Ms. Malekebu

    Principal- Mrs. Malekebu

    I enjoy....


  • Assistant Principal Mr.Dove

    Assistant Principal- Mr. Dove


    Mr. Dove has been a proud Haynes Bridge Eagle since January 2016 and has worked in education since 2001. Throughout his years of public education service, he has worked in the elementary, middle, and high school settings and spent over six years in Fulton county's district office. Mr. Dove is a passionate educator who is committed to developing students into life-long learners who can think critically, engage civically, and enjoy life wholeheartedly. Mr. Dove takes pride in serving the Haynes Bridge community and relishes the relationships he has formed with all stakeholders.

  • Administrative Assistant Dr. Hall

    Assistant Principal- Dr. Hall


    Rebecca Hall is a 16 year educator with a background in General Education, Special Education, Counseling, and Administration. She graduated from New York University, Columbia University, and the University of West Georgia earning various degrees in Education, Mental Health, Counseling, and Supervision. In her spare time, Dr. Hall enjoys spending time with her family and friends, singing and listing to music, and teaching Sunday School.