• Guidelines for Decorating Lockers for Birthdays

    Students decorating lockers has always been a fun way to recognize and celebrate classmates birthdays during the school day! In an effort to limit disruptions to teacher planning, Help Sessions, and meetings during the morning, we need your help!

    • Lockers may only be decorated after school
    • Lockers may only be decorated with the pre-cut paper (sold with approved removable glue dots) that will be sold in the Husky Hut (open daily 8:25am – 8:50am)
    • The basic Husky Hut kits will be $4 and include the precut giftwrap, removable glue dots, a bow, and a sticker to write a personalized note.
    • Students may bring (or purchase at the Husky Hut) additional stickers, bows, or ribbons with the following guidelines:
      • Items (such as stickers) may only be stuck to the wrapping paper area and not directly touch any of the metal locker parts.
      • Items (such as ribbon) way not dangle past the bottom of the locker door.
      • Balloons are not allowed.

    Thank you for adhering to these guidelines, and thank you to the PTA volunteers who have made the kits available at the Husky Hut so that locker decorating can continue at CMS. Effective immediately, locker decorating kits are available in the Husky Hut.

  • What time can my student report to school?

    Students may enter the building each morning at 7:55am. Doors are locked until this time and students who are dropped off before this time are unsupervised. We strongly ask that students are not dropped off before 7:55am. At 7:55am, all entering students enter the cafeteria where they remain until 8:45am. Buses arrive on campus beginning at 8:25am. As buses arrive, all 6th grade students report to the cafeteria while 7th and 8th grade students report to the gym. All students are dismissed to homeroom at 8:45am. School officially begins at 8:55am with 1st period.

  • How does carpool work?

    We are fortunate to offer two lines for carpool. Please utilize both lines to reduce the number of cars on Crabapple Road. Both lines merge to form one line at an intersecting point that is supervised by a staff member, usually Dr. Morrissey. Cars merge one by one and line our school sidewalk where students wait. Students may not cross carpool traffic. Parents are allowed to park and get their student but a parent must cross to the sidewalk where students wait.  It is so important that cars pull up to the end of the sidewalk and not where your student waits. It is okay if they walk to their car! This allows more cars to pick up at one time and speeds up the carpool process. Any student that is not picked up during carpool will wait outside on our bench until their ride arrives.

  • Who do I contact when I have a concern?

    When a concern arises about your student’s academic classes, the concern should always be first addressed to the teacher. The teacher is the most knowledgeable about the situation, and each of our teachers are willing to work through any concern. When this contact hasn’t resolved an issue, the grade level counselor should be contacted follow by the grade level administrator. From there, if an issue still exists, the principal is contacted and with the teacher and grade level administrator, will meet to resolve the concern. Below is a list of contacts and their role:

    6th grade administrator – Eric Casey                                   

    6th grade counselors – Amy Levin (A – L) / Gina Severino (M – Z)

    7th grade administrator – Nancy Thweatt

    7th grade counselor – Amy Levin

    8th grade administrator – Ginger Psalmonds                      

    8th grade counselor – Gina Severino

    Graduation coach & 504 plans – Kirsten Pannek

    Special Education – Yvette Thomas