• Morning Intramurals

    Morning Intramurals have begun!! The Intramural Registration Form on the following link is all that is needed to participate https://school.fultonschools.org/ms/crabapple/Pages/Athletics.aspx. Please turn the form into Coach Thomas.

    Intramurals are each week Monday-Thursday in the gym. On Fridays, intramurals will be held at the CMS tennis courts weather permitting. A variety of activities are offered each week. Students may arrive at 7:45 am. An intramural leader will let students in the building at that time. If a student arrives after 7:45 they will need to wait until the building is opened to all students at 7:55 and then proceed to the gym.

    On Fridays, students may report directly to the tennis courts. Intramurals ends at 8:25 each morning, students may come down anytime to participate. A student may attend as many days as they wish as long as they have turned in the Intramural Registration Form.

    If you have any questions please contact Coach Thomas (ThomasJ4@fultonschools.org), Coach Jonsson (JonssonM@fultonschools.org) or Coach Heninger (Heninger@fultonschools.org