FCS Principal For a Day Program

  • Principal For a Day

    Program Purpose

    The purpose of this program is to allow area business leaders the opportunity to visit a school and shadow the principal to increase public awareness of the accomplishments and challenges at public schools. These programs have a long track record of success in many school districts. Inviting business and community leaders to shadow a principal for a day is a national effort designed to help business and civic leaders understand the similarities and differences in their work challenges and those of the leaders in our schools.


    Our Selection Criteria

    The district partners with area chamber to identify select key business leaders to participate in this program. We're seeking leaders who have an interest in public education, a desire to learn more and exchange ideas about the leadership challenges in our schools and the ability to make a time commitment for this unique experience.

    Expectations of PFADs

    This is a unique opportunity to work directly with one of our school leaders. This may involve having breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria with students and/or faculty, read morning announcement, reading to classes, visiting classrooms, and/or sitting in on meetings with parents (with their permission).
    Participants will be expected to:

    • Volunteer for one day during American Education Week (week of Nov. 18-22). For most schools., the day will begin around 7:30 am and end around 1:00 pm. This is to be confirmed between business and school leaders.
    • Shadow a FCS principal. PFADs will be given the opportunity to participate in various activities. However, there is no pressure to actually be a substitute principal. The host principal will work with the PFAD to assess his/her interests.
    • Maintain confidentiality. The PFAD may not be able to participate in some confidential meetings. However, if parents or teachers grant permission for the PFAD to participate, the PFAD will be expected to maintain discretion in dealing with all aspects of the PFAD program.

    If you have questions, please contact Samantha Maxey Maxey@fultonschools.org.


  • Job Description

    Job Title: Principal For A Day (PFAD)

    Organization: Fulton County Schools

    Work Schedule: One full- or half-day during American Education Week – Nov. 18-22, 2019

    Reports To: Local school principal


    Position Summary

    • The Principal For A Day will shadow the school principal and assist with all duties as assigned.


    Essential Duties

    • Welcome bus and carpool riders
    • Observe the cafeteria during breakfast and/or lunch
    • Lead the Pledge of Allegiance
    • Manage morning announcements or school news
    • Attending team meetings
    • Classroom visits
    • Meet with the Student Groups
    • Attend a special activity such as band, chorus, PE demonstration
    • Teach a lesson on his/her career
    • Sit in on meetings with parents (with their permission)
    • Visit the after-school program



    • Business leader, Advocate for children and education


    Working Conditions

    • Normal office environment


    Physical Demands

    • Physical activities associated with normal office environment