Trip Information

  • Step 1 - Review Parent/Guardian Informational Letter

    Please read the Initial Parent Information Sheet 8th Grade Trip Nov 2019 Signed.pdf addressed to all 8th grade parents/guardians regarding trip dates, cost, payment schedule, where to turn in payments, contact information, and academic and conduct requirements.


    Step 2 - Print and Sign the Permission Slip/Medical and Movie Consent Form


    Step 3 - Pay Deposit

    • Can be paid online HERE OR via cash or money order payable to Hopewell Middle School or HMS and turned into the HMS front office.
    • The Permission Slip/Medical and Movie Consent Form MUST be turned in as soon as you pay the deposit of $150 (or full trip amount). 


    Step 4 - Return Signed Permission Slip to Angela Spears in the HMS Front Office


    Step 5 - Medical Forms (Should be Turned in with Permission Slip to the HMS Front Office)

    • Please only turn in a medical form if your student needs to be administered medication by a chaperone OR if your student needs to carry a medication.
    • There are two different forms that can be turned in.  Please see below for clarification about which form(s) you may need to complete.
    • *Important Note:  Students who already have prescription medications in the school clinic are able to use their existing forms and medications.  We will gather the correct forms and medications from the clinic and send them on the trip with students the day of the field trip.*

    Student Health Services SHS-1 Form:  Authorization to Give Medication (1 page; Click here for the form:  Auth Med Form SHS1 2017.pdf)

    • If your child already has medication filed in the school clinic, you do not need to fill out this form again.
    • This form must be submitted IF medication needs to be administered to a student while on the trip.
    • The medication must be supplied by a parent/guardian to the school, whether it is prescription or non-prescription medication.
    • If the form is being submitted for a PRESCRIPTION, it must be signed by a physician.
    • One form must be submitted PER MEDICATION.

    Student Health Services SHS-2 Form:  Authorization for Students to Carry a Prescription Inhaler, Epi Pen, Insulin, or Other Approved Medication(2 pages; Click here for the form: Authorization To Carry Med Form SHS2 May 2019.pdf)

    • If your child already has medication filed in the school clinic, you do not need to fill out this form again.
    • This form must be submitted if your child needs to carry a prescription inhaler, epi pen, insulin, or other approved medications (those prescribed for emergency purposes).
    • This form must be signed by a physician if it is a prescribed medication.
    • One form must be submitted PER MEDICATION.
    • All medications must be in their ORIGINAL containers.
    • Students may carry CERTAIN NON-PRESCRIPTION medications if the SHS-2 form is filled out, with no physician signature required. The non-prescription medications that can be carried without a physician's signature are:  Acetaminophen, Antacids, Aspirin, Cough or Throat Lozenges, Ibuprofen, Midol, and Oral Antihistamines.
    Allergy Health Care Plan:  Allergy Health Care Plan May19.pdf

    Asthma Health Care Plan:  Asthma Health Care Plan - May19.pdf

    Both the Allergy and Asthma Health Care Plans require a physician's signature.  Please be sure you allow plenty of time for the doctor to complete these forms!   If your child already has a health care plan filed in the school clinic, you do not need to fill out these forms again!


    Step 6 - Registration Complete

    • Your registration is complete when you have turned in a permission slip, paid at least the trip deposit, AND you receive an e-mail from Angela Spears ( letting you know we received both items.
    • Once your registration is complete, you will receive an e-mail from Erica Esslinger with a link to complete a form that contains student, emergency contact, insurance, medical, and food information.