• Creek View Elementary School Hours:

    7:40am- 2:20pm

    Students may arrive after 7:10am.

    Please DO NOT drop off students prior to 7:10am to ensure proper supervision.

Morning Carpool

  • CARPOOL REMINDERS (7:10-7:38 AM)

    We anticipate that approximately 400-500 cars will travel through our carpool line in the mornings. Please remember the following to help assist us to move the line as quickly as possible and as safely as possible:

    • We utilize two lanes for carpool and alternate the lanes. Please pick one lane and do not change lanes.
    • Once you are on campus, students should unbuckle their seat belts or car seat belts and grab their book bag/lunch box before you reach the unloading zone to prepare to exit the car as soon as you come to a complete stop in the unloading zone.
    • Students may only exit from the passengers side of the car.
    • Parents may not exit the car while in the carpool lane. If you need to exit the car, you should remain in the car and proceed through the carpool line and enter into the parking lot and park your car before exiting.
    • No one is allowed to exit the car if you are not in the unloading zone or in the parking lot.
    • You may only cross the street at the crosswalk by the flagpole.
    • The carpool line will end at 7:38 am as students should be in their classroom by 7:40 am. Any cars remaining at 7:38 am will be directed to park their car in the parking lot and parents will need to walk their child in to the front office to sign in and receive a tardy pass to class.
    • Our busiest carpool traffic occurs between 7:25-7:38 am. It is possible you will not make it through the line in time if you arrive after 7:25 am. Please help ensure your child will be in class on time to have a great start to their day by arriving in the carpool lane before 7:25 am.

    Please help us to keep our students safe by adhering to these procedures.