• Checking Out:

    Most dismissals that occur during the school day are pre-planned; this can be a smooth process by following these easy steps.


    1. Bring a note from parent or guardian that has students full name and time of check out and reason and signed by parent or guardian and have the student bring to Mrs. Roquemore at the Attendance desk by 8:30 AM so the note can be verified and a pass will be sent to the student.  The student can then leave at the check out time on the pass. 
    2. If the student does not drive, the parent must come in and sign the student out and show their ID to check the student out.
    3. If the student is sick while at school, please have the student to go to the clinic and see Ms. Warner, the Clinic assistant and she will contact the parent if the student needs to check out.  The parent will need to come in and show ID to check out.
    4. If a checkout note is not turned in to the Attendance desk by 8:30 am, the parent or guardian must come into the school and show ID to check out a student.
    5. Students cannot check themselves out.
    6. No phone calls and no emails are accepted to check out a student. 

    This process will help us to keep instructional time productive and with minimal interruptions. Thank You!