• Fulton County Schools is dedicated to promoting the safe and responsible use of technology by all of its students.  We at Spalding share that commitment to promoting digital citizenship to all students, as evidenced by our certification by Common Sense Media as a Common Sense School.  In our promotion of digital citizenship, Spalding follows the curriculum recommended by Fulton County Schools and supplied by Common Sense Media, which can be seen here

    For more information on Fulton County Schools' commitment to digital citizenship, please visit their website.

    Visit Common Sense Media for great tools that you can use at home to further support these goals!



Connecting Families

  • Common Sense Media has a meaningful and timely program called Connecting FamiliesConnecting Families is designed to support and empower families in raising kids who think critically, participate responsibly, and behave ethically in their online lives.  Please click here to see more, including a multitude of resources designed specifically for families.