Click HERE for the required pre-approved absence form 


    Procedure for Absence Approval in Extenuating Circumstances

    Students should be present in school every day unless illness or other extenuating circumstances exist. The Georgia Board of Education lawfully excuses students for the following reasons: personal illness, death in the immediate family, religious holidays, and other educational days as pre-approved by the school principal. Parents/guardians must notify the principal of their request by completing the request form located on the school website at least five school days prior to the absence. Submission of parental/guardian request does not guarantee approval. A school administrator or designee will contact the parent/guardian upon the final decision. As in the past, absences for illness, death in the family or religious holidays can be approved by sending an email to LWEattendance@fultonschools.org. 

    1. The principal approval form is to be used for extenuating circumstances only, as stated in the information above.
    2. One form is required per student.
    3. Submit the completed, signed, and dated form to LWEattendance@fultonschools.org. 
    4. Your student’s attendance record will be taken into consideration when reviewing your request.
    5. A copy of the decision to accept, decline or amend your request, will be emailed back to you.