• ESPLOST: Funding Priorities of Capital Plan 2022

    On May 24, 2016, Fulton County voters reauthorized the education sales tax, ESPLOST, to raise up to $976 million for new school construction, building additions and renovations, technology innovations, transportation upgrades and safety improvements throughout the Fulton County School System. These improvements are part of Capital Plan 2022.

    This extended the previously-approved education sales tax for another five years. The tax began collections on July 1, 2017, and will expire on June 30, 2022, unless voters approve another five-year extension.

  • Construction and Improvements 

    New and Replacement Schools

    Three (3) new schools will be constructed to provide classroom space based on current or projected overcrowding. New high school campuses will also create options for students who are seeking a non-traditional, rigorous, STEM-based high school experience.

    • Two STEM-focused campuses (North/South)
    • New elementary school (South Fulton)
    • Additional school or equivalent additions  

    The following schools will be replaced:

    • Riverwood International Charter School
    • Crabapple Middle School
    • Replacements for Conley Hills Elementary School and McClarin High School are still under discussion due to changing enrollment needs


    Nineteen (19) schools will receive major renovations intended to substantially extend the life of these facilities. Renovations will address significant deficiencies in building systems and/or educational programming. Forty-one (41) schools will receive renovations intended to address the most critical system needs and provide some enhancements for educational programming.

    Safety and Security

    Providing a safe learning environment is a critical part of ensuring academic success. Fulton County Schools’ Board takes this seriously and plans to make large investments in safety and security at each of our campuses by focusing on the following:

    • ​Security camera upgrades
    • Wireless communications upgrades
    • Visitor and volunteer management system/access control improvements
    • Equipment and vehicles for emergency response personnel​ 



    Transporting students to and from school in a safe and cost effective manner helps to support on-time delivery, meet enrollment needs/instructional program requirements, and controls fleet maintenance costs. Capital Plan 2022 sets funds aside for vehicle and equipment purchases in the following areas 

    • School bus vehicle replacement (purchase an average of 70 units per year)
    • Support fleet vehicle replacement
    • Fleet shop maintenance equipment replacement
    • Bus passenger safety enhancements
    • Purchase Wi-Fi hardware
    • Automated fuel management system


  • Technology

    Technology in the classroom and mobile devices enhance the learning experience, increase student engagement, and support learning beyond the school day. Every aspect of the district is increasingly dependent on Information Technology, not only operations and student information systems, but now teaching and learning too. Lessons, assessments, assignments and progress feedback are all becoming digital. The infrastructure and network are the lifeline to information, communication, and our daily tasks. 


    • Personalized Learning Devices
    • Virtual Learning Management Systems
    • Digital Curriculum and Repository Systems
    • Interactive Classroom Technologies
    • Student Assessment Systems
    • CTAE Lab Refresh
    • Computer and Printer Refresh 

    Professional Learning

    • Internal and External Internet Websites
    • Professional Learning Services
    • Device Management Systems

    Process Automation and Data Utilization

    • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems  
    • Business Automation Systems
    • Student Information Systems
    • Records Management Services
    • Productivity Tools for Students and Staff

    Information Security

    • Business Intelligence Systems
    • Enterprise Security Systems

    Infrastructure and Support

    • Wireless Network Upgrades
    • Wide Area Network (WAN) Services
    • Unified Communication Systems  
    • Data Center Upgrades and Improvements
    • Disaster Recovery Services ​  


    Furniture and Equipment

    New styles of learning require new and flexible furnishings. As a part of our Capital Plan 2022, we are setting aside a large portion of dollars to go towards: ​

    • Purchase and install furniture and equipment to enhance and/or refresh items located at existing schools and new construction as needed
    • Support options for flexible classroom furniture as replacement occurs