• The Fulton County gifted program is a response to the need to address the unique learning characteristics, interests, personal needs and capabilities of gifted children. The program emphasizes the gifted students’ need for interaction with intellectual peers. Emphasis on the individual highlights the fact that there are differences among gifted students and a need for specialized educational experiences to meet these differences.

    Basic to the philosophy of this program is the idea that no one teacher, resource, or instructional method can meet the needs of gifted students. Education for the gifted is viewed as a cooperative endeavor characterized, facilitated, and realized by the efforts of numerous individuals in the schools and community.

    These goals are accomplished in Fulton County schools by providing the basic curriculum to identified gifted students in the regular classroom, adjusting the rate and depth of their learning and using a variety of appropriate teaching methods. Further differentiation beyond that in the regular classroom is accomplished through seminars, individual projects, advanced placement courses, directed studies, internships and joint enrollment. These are designed to intensify and extend their particular interests and aptitudes. Educational experiences for gifted students provide the additional variety and flexibility necessary to adjust and extend the Fulton County curriculum to meet these individuals’ needs.

    Talented and Gifted at RCMS and the Advanced Class Curriculum

    At Ridgeview we know and understand that many students have academic gifts and strengths even though they may not always be identified as "Talented and Gifted." As such for many years Ridgeview has offered advanced curriculum in science, social studies, English, and mathematics. Most often our advanced students and identified Talented and Gifted (TAG) students are mixed together in what is called a "mixed model." In this way we ensure access and equity to a rigorous and challenging curriculum for students who meet requirements for advanced curriculum. 

    Notification to Parents of the Screening & Referral Process for Gifted Services

    The Fulton County School System screens all students for eligibility for gifted services twice a year. Please view more information HERE on the Fulton County website. Click to HERE (AQUI)to view the Parent Notification of Screening/Referral process document.