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    9th, 10th, and 11th graders (Face-to-Face AND Remote students) will report to school to take PSAT/NMSQT on January 26, 2021 TUESDAY.

    There will be no classes, only PSAT administration.

    Please remember:
    Stay home if you are sick.
    - MASKS are always REQUIRED for ALL students
    SENIORS (12th Grade Students):
    Tuesday, January 26, 2021 will be a Remote/Asynchronous Day for ALL 12th graders due to PSAT/NMSQT. 12th graders do NOT report to school on 1/26/2021.
    PSAT/NMSQT Test Takers (9th - 11th grade students):
    1. Please arrive by 8:15AM and report to your advisement classroom (see your student schedule for room number) as soon as you arrive at school. Advisement locations will be displayed on the walls in the main hallway.
    2. Bring several #2 pencils and an acceptable calculator (p. 26 in your PSAT/NMSQT Student Guide).
    3. Study guides (hard copies) will be provided in study hall. Additional copies will be in the cafeteria and front lobby.
    5. You do not need your backpack as there will be no classes. Leave all your electronics at home.
    6. We will dismiss students from testing at approximately 12:45PM and when "testing is completed" announcement is made. 
    We encourage all 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students to be in attendance on this testing day. However, if you are sick, please stay home and do not report to school. If your child reports to school for testing, we kindly request to consider NOT checking your child out of school for ANY reason during that day so they can complete the entire test. There are NO MAKE UP SESSIONS for the PSAT. So, if they do NOT finish their test in one setting, they will NOT receive a score.
    PSAT RESOURCES (click on below item to open)
    PSAT PRACTICE (click on below item to open)
    If you have ANY questions, please contact Assistant Principal, Dr. Olga Glymph, at

    Please refer to the link below for each department's grading categories and weights for those categories. At the end of the day, everything counts. ALL assignments carry some weight and will influence a student's grade. I will repeat that. ALL assignments carry weight and influence a student's grade.
    The Exemption Policy is very simple. It has only two criteria:
    1. Pass the class! A grade of 70 or higher BEFORE the final exam.
    2. Do all of the work. We stress, ALL of the work. Simple, right? Just to dive in on the work completion piece. A student must complete ALL of the work in the class, both formative and summative. Anything less and they take the final ... period. 
    Now, there are a handful of exceptions to the Exemption Policy. For the following courses, the final cannot be exempted: Dual Enrollment, FVS, and GAVS.

    Recovery is for Summatives only. Students can recover any Summative once IF they score 79 or lower. The highest grade for the recovery is 79. This process is time-bound. A student has until the NEXT Summative (in that specific class) to schedule their recover/redo/retake.
    Teachers will now take attendance for all students, F2F and remote. Obviously, for F2F, this is easy, for the most part. They're either physically in class or they are not. One difference ... the county is allowing F2F students up to 5 days of virtual learning. Mr. Spierto is developing a process for tracking that process. Stay tuned. For Remote Learners, they should be logging into their classes synchronously (on-time and when they are scheduled) OR engage in asynchronous as defined by the teacher for those days.

    In essence, all students need to show up for class when it is scheduled and participate.
    PLEASE NOTE: On remote learning days for F2F students. This is not a pass to take exams remotely. If you are a F2F student, you take your exams F2F. 

    Families have made a 9-week commitment for the learning environment (face-to-face or remote learning).  However, unforeseen circumstances may warrant a change in the learning environment.  Below, you will find the Learning Environment Hardship to be completed if such circumstances arise.  The family would complete, principal review/approve, and zone superintendent review/approve/deny. The form must be completed, SIGNED and physcially dropped off at Milton High School OR emailed HERE

    Registration for the 2021-22 school year will begin January 25. Please see the timeline and steps below for the full anticipated schedule for registration: 

    Jan. 20: Rising 9th Grade Virtual Information Night
    Jan. 25-29: Academic teachers make recommendations for students' 2021-22 academic courses 
    Feb. 1: Virtual Elective Fair
    Feb. 1-5: Students choose electives through Infinite Campus
    Feb. 8: First verification form given to students
    Feb. 11: Requests for changes due through Microsoft Form
    Feb. 19: Final verification form given to students
    Feb. 22: Deadline for final changes due through Microsoft Form 


    Please note that due to COVID safety protocols currently in place, the student check-out process has been adjusted.


    If a parent or guardian needs to check out a student at a specific time, the following process must be followed by the student and parent/guardian:

      • The student should bring a Parent-signed checkout note to the FRONT OFFICE in the morning the day of the check-out. The Parent can also email a note to the attendance office at
      • The note or email MUST include:
        • Name and/or signature of parent/guardian
        • Phone number, should the attendance office need to reach you
        • Reason for check out
        • Check out time
      • The attendance office will issue a checkout pass to the student.
      • When it is time for the student to leave, the student will show the teacher the checkout pass issued by the attendance office.


    EMAIL: If you need to check out a student, and a note WAS NOT sent in, please send an email to the attendance office at with the students check out reason and time. The attendance office will verify your email.

    COME TO THE SCHOOL: If you need to check out your student and you DID NOT send a note OR an email, please do the following:

    • Come to the school, ring the bell and tell the front office you are here to check out a student
    • Have your ID ready for verification
    • Please remember that parents/guardians and individuals identified in Infinite Campus are the ONLY people who can check your student out

    As we head into second semester, still in the midst of the pandemic, the school district's graduation plans are still uncertain. HOWEVER, we do know that the Class of 2021, the 100th MHS graduating class, will have a celebration! Regardless of what the celebration looks like, graduates will wear their caps and gowns, receive their diplomas, get their pictures made, and be celebrated by families, friends, MHS staff, and PTO. In order to start the preparations, it's time to pay the graduation fee and place orders. The mandatory graduation fee this year is unchanged from last year: $80. This includes the cap, gown with 100th anniversary embroidered patch, 2021 tassel, special 100th anniversary diploma cover, and small MHS administrative fee. Our graduation business partner, GA Balfour, collects the fee for us and fulfills the orders. Please see the flyer for ordering details and instructions. The minimum that must be chosen for graduation is Option A - Grad Fee Only. Graduates are free to choose one of the other options offered by Balfour which will cover the mandatory grad fee plus some extra optional items. Act now-the first deadline with the lowest fee is January 31, 2021.
    *This fee is specific to graduation and is different from the PTO Senior Dues.
    If financial assistance is needed, please email the senior's counselor OR the school social worker (Patrick Hartigan) at General graduation questions should be sent to Jackie Angel at 

    As students in Fulton County Schools (FCS) have begun returning to face-to-face instruction, a number of changes were implemented to ensure the health and safety of students, staff, and visitors. Among the most vital of these changes is the development and introduction of a new electronic FCS COVID-19 Reporting Portal for parents (and students). This electronic reporting process will allow for a more direct reaction from primarily the Fulton County Board of Health (FCBOH) with support from FCS to promptly respond and address student/family cases of COVID-19


  • Need technical assistance with Logins or Devices?

    Help is just a phone call away!

    Universal Remote Learning Hotline:
    Call: 470-254-2300
    7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    Monday - Friday

    Device Hubs:

    • Hubs will support hotspot distribution, device swaps, or power cord needs.
    • Hubs are regionally located at Banneker HS, Taylor Road MS, and Ridgeview MS.
    • Call the Hotline (470-254-2300) to make an appointment.


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