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Aria Sharma - Senior

  • My name is Aria Sharma, and I am a senior at Cambridge High School. This year, for my Girl Scouts Gold Award, I decided to dedicate my project to Covid-19 Safety and its impact on our community, relationships, and day to day activities! I specifically chose to educate the homeless population of Atlanta, with a spotlight on children. With the current Covid-19 landscape, it is young children who are more at risk, making it imperative that we do our part to keep them safe. As a part of this initiative, I chose The Drake House and conducted a series of fun and educational workshops covering COVID-19 safety including the importance of testing, vaccinations, sanitation techniques, and mask etiquette. My focus group included kids aged 5-13. In the process, these children were able to test out homemade reusable masks, as well as make their own! Finally, to wrap up my efforts hereI created a ‘COVID Warrior’ scarecrow with the kids (in reference to the name of my project as a whole), to be displayed in the Alpharetta Scarecrow Harvest Festival in efforts to educate the Alpharetta/Milton/Roswell communities! It is a representation of what the kids have learned from my workshops at the Drake House- highlighting the importance of PPE- Personal Protection Equipment during the pandemic. 

    In addition, I had the opportunity to educate over 150 homeless individuals at a Rebirth Metro Atlanta Inc. event. Here, I did a presentation/speech on COVID-19 safety and distributed over 100 COVID safety kits to this audience. I am thankful to Target, Kroger, and Trader Joes for their generous donations towards these kits! Throughout my project, I have developed a COVID Education kit to educate people of all ages regarding Covid-19 and safety protocols. This includes links to my website, Facebook page, Instagram page and my YouTube channel. These resources feature presentations/activities that are designed for children and teenagers, but can be modified and adapted to fit any and all age groups! The Girl Scouts Gold Award has been a truly rewarding and joyful experience. I was fortunate to have diverse members on my project advisory team, including doctors, nurses, teachers, and local organizational leaders in the community. They have all been excellent resources in facilitating the project! 


    (This is my website, which includes my educational presentation materials/Covid-19 news, and links to my Facebook page, Youtube channel, and Instagram page. These are all part of the ‘Covid education kit.)

    Aria Sharma