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     LWE Transportation Procedures

    Arrival- Students should arrive at school BY 7:40am or parents/guardians should walk their students inside the school to sign them in and fill out a tardy slip.

    Dismissal- Student dismissal begins at 2:20pm. We ask that all parents/guardians stay in their cars or at the places where they will meet their walkers at this time to ensure a timely dismissal. *We dismiss different modes of transportation in waves to ensure a timely dismissal and to support the safety of our students. 



    Carpool takes place in the front of the school. When you enter East Fox Ct. proceed to your left and follow the line to the covered walkway. Please DO NOT drive around any of the cars in line as this jeopardizes the safety of our students and staff working car line.

    Students are called to their cars by their carpool number.  As each car proceeds to the covered area, the number is called so the student(s) can be ready for pickup. It is helpful for cars picking up to have their numbers displayed clearly so staff can see them, and that students quickly assemble in their numbered area. 




    Students are escorted by staff to the cafeteria where they stage for bus loading.  We have two busload waves. 


    Bus Changes:

    If a permanent bus change needs to take place due to a move or daycare change, please send a note to the front office AND your child's teacher: 


    Front, Side & Back Walkers:

    Students are escorted by staff to designated spots where students then walk typically in groups to their neighborhoods. Since we are located within several neighborhoods, this is a popular choice for many families.  


    Afterschool Care: 

    Students are escorted by staff to the offsite daycare van pickup area. 

    Students remaining at school for Right at School after-school care will be escorted to the cafeteria. Pickup for Right at School students takes place in the bus loop (back of school).

    *It is very important that if a child does not attend daycare offsite or Right at School afterschool care ANY day, that contact is made ahead of time, to ensure timely pickup of the students here at school.