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    Ridgeview utilizes iReady Mathematics and Literacy adaptive software to identify areas where each student can be challenged individually. This adaptive software based on a diagnostic assessment helps each child in the areas of reading and math either accelerate their learning beyond their grade level or helps to address skill deficits to bring that child's reading and math skills closer to grade level.

    i-Ready Diagnostic: i-Ready starts with a test that determines every student’s academic skills in math and reading. This test is adaptive, which means that the level of difficulty will change as your child answers each question. Questions get a little harder each time a question is answered correctly, and a little easier when answered incorrectly. The goal is to figure out the math or reading level that is “just right” for your child, so your child should expect to see some questions that are too hard–and that’s okay! It means the test is working correctly. The results of the test will help your child’s teachers identify exactly where your child needs to develop, as well as where his or her strengths are. Teachers can use this information to design individualized instruction that meets the unique needs of your child. And because the test is taken a few times throughout the school year, your child’s teacher will be able to measure progress and growth over the course of the year.

     i-Ready Instruction: i-Ready provides students digital instruction that meets them where they are–at their level. It allows them to work independently on their own personalized online instruction plan, in lessons that are assigned based on the results from the i-Ready Diagnostic test. The lessons include three parts, consisting of a tutorial, guided practice, and a graded activity. This exciting format and engaging content draws students in right away. Students get supportive, real-time feedback on their progress in each skill; they see motivating messages and earn credits after completing lessons, which builds their investment in learning

    Research shows that 45 minutes of use each week in iReady reading software and iReady math software produces student gains. We utilize iReady in COMPASS Monday through Thursday, but iReady can be used at home as well as a critical tool to advance skills in math and reading.