• Mission: We believe dance is essential to a healthy society, it demonstrates the    infinite possibilities for human expression and facilitates communication across cultures.  Dance is an art form that provides expression, exploration, and celebration of all people. It is a non-verbal communication and movement of the body. It is through dance that children are able to reenact and celebrate different events in American history. It has been our dream to reach the spirit of the child through dance.

WCES Dance
  • 2019 - 2020 Scheduled Events                     Dance Coaches & Choreographers

    Holiday Program                                          

    Black History Program                                 

    Talent Show                                                 

    Reading Carnival Parade

    Spring Concert                                     

    5th Grade Awards Day                           

    Gina Brewer                                  

    Brittani Lyles                                                                                                     Michelle Ross                         


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