Communications: How to stay in touch and informed.

  • Cambridge High School Website 

    The Cambridge website is updated daily with new information. Everything parents/guardians and students to need to support Universal Remote Learning. You will also find the latest headlines across (and at the "more" button).


    Student and Parent Weekly Newsletters

    While school is in session, parents and students will receive a weekly newsletter delivered via email. The newsletter is sent to parents and guardian email addresses as found in Infinite Campus. The email will also be sent to student FCS email addresses. Please encourage your student to check his/her FCS email on a daily basis.


    Student Daily Announcements

    While School is in session, students will be emailed to their FCS email address, each day's announcements. The email comes from Cambridge Headlines. Students should check their FCS email address daily to ensure they are getting the latest information on school activities, action items that need to be completed, and resources they will need throughout the school year.


    Infinite Campus: Parents & Students 

    For more information on activating your account, logging into Parent/Student Campus, and getting any issues you may be experiencing resolved. See Campus Parent and Campus Student.


    Parents can download the Infinite Campus App ‘Campus Parent’ to their cell phones and/or devices. 

    Students can download the Infinite Campus App ‘Campus Student’ to their cell phones and/or devices. 


    FCS Student Email 

    Primary communications for Students are made through their FCS email accounts. It is imperative that students install their FCS student email account on their cell phones and/or devices. To promote student success, achievement, and engagement, students are strongly encouraged to check their FCS student email account every day. 

    School-to-Student communications through daily school announcements, via the Cambridge HS website, and through FCS student email. 

    Teacher-to-Student communications through daily LIVE synchronous class sessions in TEAMS and through FCS student email.