Parking Reminder

  • Sent to community December 10, 2021

    We have had several incidents of students parking in other people’s spots or parking in visitors. We are actively booting those cars. Students should be reminded that if they have a permit but parking in someone else’s spot, they will be booted and lose their permit for the rest of the school year. Students are only allowed to park in their assigned spots. In addition, any student caught going off-campus without permission, who has a parking permit for the campus, will lose their permit for the rest of the school year. This is in the parking contract signed by all students and parents.

Cambridge High School Parking Application Process

  • Parking applications for Seniors and the Junior Lottery. Please note the following steps in our online application process:  

    1. Fill out the parking application in its entirety, including the uploading of all required forms.
    2. Approval of your submitted application will come from to your Fulton County Schools student email “” and to the email listed for your parent(s)/guardian(s).
    3. Once the approval email is received from, pay online through OSP link Senior Parking or Senior Parking Discounted ($90 with proof of completion of a driver’s ed course) on the school website. DO NOT make a payment before receiving approval of your application.
    4. The parking fee is $100 for the school year. $90 with proof of completion of a driver’s ed course.  Free for 2nd year CLAWS mentors.  Parking fees are non-refundable.
    5. Parking passes and stickers will be distributed prior to the first day of school. The process for the distribution of the parking passes will be communicated a week before the distribution date.
    6. The holding of a Junior Parking Lottery is based on the availability of on-campus parking after the Seniors (Class of ’22) are assigned parking. Juniors (Class of ’23) looking for on-campus parking can wait to see if there is availability for on-campus or contact Stonecreek Church or Morning Star Church for their student parking process information. 

    Please read through the Parking Application and Policies for 2021-2022. The Junior and Senior parking applications are found below.

Parking Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. I have a driver’s permit (Class CP) and will get my driver’s license (Class D or C) after the 4th of July. Can I reserve a parking space until I get my license?

    Only students with a Driver’s License (Class D or C) can apply for and receive on campus student parking.  We do not reserve/hold on campus parking due to the high demand for on-campus parking.

    2. We purchased a parking pass and our neighbor’s student would like to use our on-campus parking space.  How do we make this happen?

    Parking passes are not transferable per the parking application guidelines.  This includes selling, renting, leasing, lending, or permitting the use of an on-campus parking space to a student who has not been approved by the school administration to park on campus.  Only the school administration can authorize on-campus parking for students.

    3. Our family would like to return our on-campus parking pass for a refund.  How can we get our refund?

    All payments are final once submitted through the OSP.  No refunds are available once payments have been submitted.  Once the parking pass is returned, the student will no longer be permitted to park on campus.

    4. I know a friend has online classes the first two periods of the day and I am face to face for the first two periods of the day, then online the rest of the day.  Can we share the space?

    Students may not share the parking space.  Only the student who has been approved to park in the space may use the space during the school day.

    5. I feel safer eating lunch in my car.  Is this allowed?

    Students are only allowed to eat lunch in the cafeteria or the courtyard.  Students eating in their cars with others would be unsupervised, thus compromising their safety.

    6. My friends want me to take them off campus for lunch.  We have the same lunch period.  Is this ok?

    Students are not permitted to leave campus during their school day.  Student drivers are also not permitted to take other students off-campus during their school day.  This is a clear violation of the parking guidance from the application, violation of the FCS Code of Conduct, and a safety risk for all involved.

    7. My first class at school is closer to the front of the building and my parking space is at the stadium.  I parked in a parking space in front of the school since I was running a few minutes late today and it was raining.  Is this ok?

    No.  Students are only permitted to park in the student lots, in their assigned space.

    8. I have morning workouts.  I parked in the front row of student parking and sometimes I park in the visitor spaces at the front of the school.  My friends tell me this is ok.  Is it?

    It is best for everyone if students arriving to morning workouts park in their assigned spaces.  The person assigned to the space you parked in may arrive at school at any moment.

    9. Someone was parked in my spot when I came to school today.  What do I do?

    Take a pic of the rear of the vehicle parked in your space which includes the make, model, and tag number of the car in your space.  Park in visitor, come to the front office, and let the front office personnel know what happened.  Then you will be provided a pass to class if one is necessary at the time.

    10. What happens if I go against the parking guidelines?

    Students are subject to having their vehicles booted ($75 removal fee per booting infraction), having their on-campus parking suspended or revoked, and may also face disciplinary consequences per the 2021 – 2022 FCS Student Code of Conduct where applicable.

    11. I have a question not listed here and/or I do not see why some of these items are a “big deal”. Who do I contact to get more information?

    Contact Mr. Darius Maize, Assistant Principal, for parking-related concerns at


CHS Student Parking Application and Policies: 2021-2022

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
Student Parking

Question regarding parking?

  • Contact Mr. Darius Maize, Assistant Principal at with any questions regarding student parking.