• Online Device User Agreement

    If you used ZippSlip last year, you can log in using the email and password you used to create your account last school year:


    • There is a Password Reset tool available if needed.
    • You can add additional students to your account and complete forms for them. You will need your student's I.D. number.
    • There is an electronic Signature Pin Reset available if needed.
    • If you have forgotten your login email ID or you no longer have access to the email ID you used, please send a request to support@zippslip.com. Include your name, your student(s) names and students' date of birth.

    If you do not have a ZippSlip parent account, you can create one at:


    • Click on "Create New Parent Account"
    • Enter your name, email and create & confirm your password to Create Account.
    • Enter your child's 10-digit student I.D. and their date of birth to Add a Student to your account. You can add all your Cambridge students to one parent account. You can find your child's student ID from their schedule, an old report card, or by asking them.
    • Once you create your Parent Account, you will need to use your new credentials to Login to ZippSlip to access and respond to the Device User Agreement Form.

    Once you have completed the log-in process, you will need to complete the Device User Agreement.

    Complete the Device User Agreements

    Once you have accessed your Parent Account in ZippSlip, you can complete the Device User Agreement.

    • Log in to your Parent Account in ZippSlip
    • Select the forms that are waiting for you to Respond Now.
    • If it is your first time, you will be prompted to create & confirm an electronic signature PIN. This 4-6-digit number is an extra security precaution and will be used to sign all electronic forms. If you do not remember your PIN from last year, you can reset it when you get to that step.
    • There is a link to the entire Device User Agreement if you would like a digital or hard copy for your records.
    • To complete the form, enter your Student's Name, Date, and your electronic signature PIN where indicated.
    • When you have Responded Yes to all available forms, then you have completed the Device User Agreement.
    • Be sure to complete all forms for each of your Cambridge students.

    Be sure to record your email, password, and PIN so you can easily use this account for other electronic forms this year.


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.